plus size blogger asos curve blush drape bodycon dress

My friend Emma is getting married later this year and when I looked into my wardrobe, the discussions over what to wear have begun, there was nothing there that I hadn’t worn a billion and one times and I was over it. So I did what most plus size women do for such an occasion, I went to ASOS.

Months in advance.

Because there’s one thing I’ve learnt about buying plus size clothing for special occasions and that is that there will be nothing when you need it and there will be lots when you don’t. So you better start early and plan ahead. Such is life. Murphy’s Law or something.

With some browsing, this blush bodycon dress, along with the marble print one from a few weeks ago, made their way into my cart and into my post box. There might have also been a bit of casual clothing action too, but what can you do? A girl must be prepared. Haha.

plus size blogger asos curve blush drape bodycon dress

plus size blogger asos curve blush drape bodycon dress

Now, the Mr thinks this dress looks like someone took a longer dress and tucked it in the belt. Like when you are getting married and you have to hoick up your wedding dress to pee… Like that. Thanks husband type person. Men. But I like it. I think the drape and the oddness of it is what makes it cool.

Even if the back split meant I spent the majority of the afternoon attempting to securing my bra’s back strap below the split. Anyone have any tips for getting your bra to sit lower? Do I need a special bra or can I manufacture something out of what I have? Let me know. I’m not above using duct tape a la Kim Kardashian, but let’s face it. I’m going to require a substantial amount…

plus size blogger asos curve blush drape bodycon dress plus size blogger asos curve blush drape bodycon dress

Wearing Blush Bodycon Dress from ASOS Curve, Target Australia Heels and Quay Australia Muse in Pink/Gold. 

  • Lisa Warren

    Love that dress Melissa! Looks gorgeous on you. Loved the marble print dress too. The blush one is pretty special though. Would look lovely with rose gold accessories…maybe a clutch too

    • Thanks Lisa. I think rose gold would be perfection. I’m also thinking a stitch or two may solve the bra issues. We’ll see.

  • So what if your bra sits high . . .you look Fabulous in this dress and it gives you all kind of options to wear it again and again. Enjoy!

  • Great post, amazing pictures as well, I love this blog, thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!

  • Catrina Whitehead

    Can I say that you look awesome in this dress?
    I prefer you in it more than the ASOS model.

    • Thank you Catrina! And mine IS a little more fitted. Haha. Always a good thing in my books. 😉

  • Thanks you. Blush isn’t a colour I wear often.