Last year I went to Blogopolis, sat in my chair against a pole at the back of the room near the coffee stand and loved it. Assigned seating people, I’m not a rebel or a coffee addict. You know, most days. I madly tweeted and took notes, took pics and ate the yummy food. I met some great people and hugged on people I had waited months and months to meet. So I knew, I was going back.

Last year in Melbourne I enjoyed great room mates and beautiful accommodation. The accommodation which offered about the cheapest cocktails ever {Two Mojito’s for $11!}. And what I loved, loved, loved most was the Nuffnang post Blogopolis drinks. In a tricky to locate {almost secret} location, with mood lighting and amazing toilets we chatted, danced and drank the night away. I still cringe a little at the thought of it. But I made friends there. I set out goals for my blog there. I plotted and planned world domination there. I also swore a lot and snorted a drink out my nose. Cringe. It looked a little like this…

This year I was in touch with the brands I work with early. Outlined my proposal for sponsor packages, small and large, there were options for both. I was glad when some of my favourite brands said yes. So this year I’m attending, full paid which makes the whole thing just that little bit more awesome. Given my part-time work status, it not only makes it more awesome, it makes it possible.

So watch this space as I share my adventure. First of the posts will probably be a bit of a run down on what I’m packing. I know what to wear becomes a bit of a thing over the next week, so I want to help if I can. And because I need a bit of funking up, my sister is coming over and we’ll put a few outfits together. I look forward to sharing them with you. To find out more about my fabulous sponsors for Sydney, click on the image below.

  • Carly Findlay

    Yay for your sponsors 🙂 You know I hunk we met at blogopolis last year but I was in a really bad place (read This blog post and the events were a blur. A really difficult day for me.
    I wish we had spent more time together.
    I won’t be going to Blogopolis this year as I’ll be in LA that day!! Have a great time 🙂

    • Yay for sponsors indeed. Ugh. That’s hard. I am sorry I won’t see you there is year, but I AM excited about your trip!

  • Yay for sponsors! Wow, last year certainly sounds interesting… should I be worried? I’m actually looking forward to atteneding, getting out of the house, learning new things and meeting new people. Should be super fun!

    • Haha. A little bit. HA. noooo, it’ll be fun. But wear your walking shoes lady. We are going to shop and eat and wander and learn some great stuff about blogging. Yay.

  • Suger, do you mean that seating was assigned? I guess I kinda like that concept. I think. I’m really excited now that it’s only a week away. Well done on your sponsorships!


    • It was last year. I’m sure they’ll do the same again. It worked, to some degree, then we all went rogue and found people we wanted to talk to and sat with them. In secret! 😉

  • Danielle Andreoli

    This post totally reads… Danielle you totally made my weekend. It was all sorts of fabulous!

    • It absolutely does. Not going to be the same without you this year kiddo. You should post me your t-shirt and I’ll squish into it and wave the flag for us both.