Can I just start by saying when Hubby saw this one he was like, woooooah, nice. I think it’s the length. I think it’s because normally this dress would have tights {at least} under it. This time I thought what the heck. Why not. Then freaked out and added tights later. Haha. It’s not that I’m not proud of my legs, they’ve taken some serious leg work to get to this point. It’s just I’m not so delicate when it comes to short skirts. Remembering to keep my knees together and all that. Shocking, I know. I seem so elegant and lady like.

Personal revelation number fifty thousand.

The worst part is usually my work skirts and getting out of my tiny car. Seriously, moments like those I almost {almost} Feel sorry for the likes of Brittany and crew. If there were people around taking my photo as I got out of the car there would be underwear shots all over the place. None of my vagina. But plenty of my underwear. Whoops. I just said vagina in a post. Watch out. There might be an uproar. What. A. Joke.

So there you go. Lots too much about me and a short dress to boot. Haha. You’re welcome.

Shift Dress – ASOS Curve

Shoes – Women by Peter Morrissey for Big W

{no current brand relationships exist}

  • MINX

  • StaceyLeeGetonwithitalready

    Woot woo, I had noticed your dislike for showing your knees but may be that it’s Winter and you had been covering up with the cold? It’s equaly as hard to get in and out of a big car without flashing, think lifted fourby, one of the many reasons I rarely wear skirts. Love the red shoes with the black!

    • Yeah, I think it might be winter. Or that I’ve fallen hard for the new pencils skirts, all longer. Must remember to just do it sometimes. And wear appropriate underwear. Of course. 😉

      Haha. Yes! Fair call.

  • Sarah White

    Woohoo…it’s so short! I’ve only just shaved my legs for the first time since winter started.

    You are a very stylish lady:)

    • Haha. It IS, right!!? Feels it too. Don’t ask about the legs, it’s a looooong story.

      Thank you Sarah. xo

  • river

    There’s a trick to getting out of tiny cars. Any cars really. Keep the knees together and swivel your bum around then put both feet on the ground together. Lean forward a little, then stand up. Of course lean forward enough so that you can stand up, not just donk your head on the car door frame.

    • I’ll have to give this a go. I’m always in too much of a hurry. Need to focus on just getting it right and not flashing the whole world. Or parking lot as the case may be. Haha.

  • river

    Actually, it helps if you swivel in the direction of the door first……then do the knees together lift out the feet thing.

  • I love that you’ve bared your legs. For starters, you have fab legs and secondly, the look awesome. Maybe those were only one reason? Nonetheless, you get where I’m going here.

    • Haha. Thanks Liv! I’m glad I did too. I totally get where you’re going with that. 😉

  • I love it! That dress is awesome (as are the shoes – I love a pop of red!) and you look fantastic!

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