Most days I do ok. I don’t offend anyone. I say stuff, it goes well, etc etc. And then there are days {or night’s actually} like last night when my directness, my forward nature has me offend or hurt someone. It’s a fine line, I tell you. FINE. But last night instead of being direct and cutting through the waffle, I was borderline offensive. I don’t want to talk about it, I said, if that’s all this call is then it’s done.

And it was done.

It probably wasn’t all the conversation was going to be.

But it WAS all there was.

Damn it, damn it, damn it.

I’m annoyed at myself, I went to call back and say sorry. Say that I was too abrupt and too judgemental. But I was met with no answer. A blank wall of modern call screening. I felt bad and tried everything I could not to just get cranky and forget my mission. I wanted to say fine then, do what you want, I don’t care. But I do. I hate causing upset. Especially when what I’m trying to do is avoid it. Sigh, best laid plans and all that.

So today, I make it right.

In person, because this time, I won’t be screened.

  • Oh, I hate that feeling. I hope it’s better today 🙂

  • Oh yeah I hate that feeling it’s seems to be a rare thing these days for people to swallow things up and go in person to resolve things. People seem to be so fickle these days in letting things slide away and then before you know it whole friendships and relationships are mere memories. May your attempts today be healing, resolving and well recieved.

    • As I said to Tony, I like to live outside of that thinking and attempt to keep friends close. When i can. It went well. Thank you. xo

  • At least you are aware of the situation and want to make it right, I am on the recieving end this week and the person has no idea how much they have (upset me sounds whimpy) P##d me off. I tend to just put up a wall and say thats it, no second chance.
    I think we are so fickle because friendships aren’t formed on the long time life adventures that they used to be, and we don’t “actually” really know the person we are calling friends, we only now a little part of them and make up the rest to be the way we want it to be.
    Good luck today, and no matter what, you tried to do the right thing.

    • Thanks Tony, it went well.

      I know what you mean about the rather disposable nature of friendships {and might I add most relationships} these days. I try to live outside of that idea. When I am given the chance.

  • whiningattheworld

    I have done that, too. Good luck.

  • river

    If the person you’ve upset knows you and is a friend, just give them time to cool off, then apologise again.
    If this is not a friend then just apologise and leave it at that. Doing more might be seen as grovelling, thta’s never good.

    • Worse then a friend. Family. 😉 Worked out ok, grovelling wasn’t necessary.

  • Oh gosh, that’s the worst feeling. i have to admit – I don’t tend to get upset with people when I really should and instead ignore them. I feel like that’s just as bad because they might not even realise their behaviour is wrong, either. I.e. I would be the call screener in this situation and that never helps things. Kudos to you for making it right. Sometimes people need time to cool off but other times fixing things quickly really is the way to go x

    • The worst. And yes, I can be the same, sometimes too. It takes time to recover a bit from the sting of it, I think.

      All ended well. Thank goodness.