Sometimes I wonder if I am turning into a Dad. Not my Dad, we are all quite clear I am very much like MY Dad. But this concern arises from the fear I’m turning into a Daaaaad Dad. A Dad of bad Dad joke fame. I love to crack myself up {another sign} with jokes such as berry good {in reference to berries} and the other Dad I made a pun about THE internet.

Dad jokes are hard work, under appreciated and often met with eye rolls.

Great. Just what I need, another talent that is shunned by the masses. A bit like being able to turn my tongue over on its side or sing all the top notes in a Bee Gee’s song {I didn’t say well people}. Thank goodness I can braid my own hair or I would have zero enviable talents. Do you ever feel like you have a list of talents a mile long and all of them are ridiculously undervalued..?

Now eye-rollers, Dad jokes take timing and a certain level of delivery skills. You must time it perfectly, include a pun {usually} or two and it is essential that you MUST laugh. Big and loud and from the belly.  You must be old school but never racist or anything’ist. Not even borderline. The Dad joke is usually pc and pg. See! This Dad joke thing takes skill.

Do you know any good Dad jokes? I’m building up my repertoire. Help a Suger out.

  • I am king of the dad jokes! they aren’t really material you can give someone, they are usually spur of the moment location jokes 🙂 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. Yeah, there’s that! Kindred spirits you and I. Absolutely. 

  • Jess Aitch

    I have since I was young had a tendancy to exclaim “I’m excited…” about whatever is about to happen, dads comeback is always ” now, dont get too excited we all know what happened to big kev”. Now that I think about it its extremely morbid but he always does a big belly laugh and I must admit I crack a smile too…even after ten or more years of the same joke.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      An excellent Dad joke example. Thanks for sharing Jess! 😀

  • Clarissa Fraser

    I have underappreciated talents too! Be amazing at doing pixel logic problems. Being an ace limpet measurer. Putting my legs behind my ears…

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Not sure the last one in an under appreciated talent. From what I hear it’s quiet appreciated. HA. Pervy? Probably. Sorry about that. 

  • Gillian

    When we would go to the Taco Den (yes, I am really old) when I was younger, my dad would always say, “What’s that?” (pointing at the bean dip). We would say, “Bean dip”. He would say, “What’s it been?” EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha!! Classic Dad joke. 

  • My favourite dad joke is ‘why don’t you ever starve in the desert? Becuase of all the Sand – wich is there!’
    Everytime my dad see’s someone fall over or stumble, he say’s ‘enjoy your trip!’ sometimes he adds ‘send me a postcard!’ Shits me up the wall.


    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Baaahaha. The have a nice trip one is old Skool. 😉 

  • My mum-in-law was a queen of Dad jokes. One of her favourites was whenever anyone made fairy bread for a kids party, she’d say isn’t that fairy nice! Also, like you, anyhting berry was berry nice or berry good.
    My list of talents is about a centimetre long, I can do those code-cracker word puzzles, but apart from that I’m pretty much talentless.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      HA! I’ve never heard that fairy one before. But I LOVE it!! 

      You have plenty of more talents than the code-cracker word puzzle. I promise you that. But heck, if it came down to talents, that’s a goodie!