My style is pretty classic. Straight lines, basic combinations and lots of black  I blame years of working in corporate environments where the majority of money spent on my wardrobe was spent on black or charcoal suits, pinstripe button ups and modest heels. Mostly modest heels. It’s taken me YEARS to add a bit of colour and fun to this wardrobe since switching to working part-time.

Sooooo, what’s this go to do with anything?

Well I’ve set myself a bit of a challenge to try new things. Shapes, cuts and styles I would normally not wear. Lots of pattern mixing, clashing colours… That sort of thing. But in a way that sits with my wardrobe and my preferences, style wise. Today’s outfit is a great example of that. the stripe top, necklace and kitten heels is something I wear often. By adding the skirt it made it completely different! Very out of the box for me.

But you know what, it was FUN. I’m going to do it again. Watch this space!

plus size stripes bright maxi skirt-8

plus size stripes bright maxi skirt-6

plus size stripes bright maxi skirt-7

plus size stripes bright maxi skirt-3

plus size stripes bright maxi skirt-5

plus size stripes bright maxi skirt

Dress {worn as shirt} – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Skirt – BigW {$7!}
Shoes – Target {gifted}
Necklace – Lovisa {2011}
Nail Polish – China Glaze via Taryn K {gifted}


plus size stripes bright maxi skirt-2

When was the last time you were brave!?

  • kerry

    Love the look , & really LOVE that skirt

  • i love that skirt, but jealous of your height. I have to pull it up fairly high waisted so I don’t trip and kill myself in it. people with that skirt have such great taste. 😛 love the pattern mixing. and the hair elastic as jewellery…

    • Haha. Oi! don’t draw attention to that, Dani will kill me. She hates the things. Thanks hun, the height helps with this look, for sure, but you’ve always rocked it without any. So meh. GREAT taste, I say.

  • Remember how you were so nervous about clash week and you wore the DYA dress and you said it was one of your most favourite shoots ever… yeah, that. Be bold, be you, be sassy xx

    • I know, right!? That seems like a lifetime ago now. I love LOVE those photos. Thanks lovely, I WILL!


    OMG I love this outfit, you look absolutely gorgeous.

    When was the last time I was brave….In what sense?

    I try and exercise a little bravery every day.

    My bravest fashion risk recently was peg pants. I have written up on it on my blog.
    cilla xx

    • Thank you Cilla. I meant fashion wise mostly and peg pants absolutely count!

  • I love this combo! And the blue necklace just makes it!

  • Love it, love it, love it, love it. Can’t say anything more. Love it. X

    • Haha. Thank you Trudie. It’s a very similar look to the stripe full skirt of mine you loved, so I thought of you when I saw the pics.

  • Mel

    I LOVE this outfit – the blue necklace ties in with the blue in the skirt perfectly! It looks like you’re off to the races…

    I was in Big W the other weekend and didn’t see this skirt. No fair!

    • I was at the racecourse actually! Haha. Thank you Mel.

      It was a month or two ago now and on the sale rack. Some of the girls have had theirs since late last year, so maybe they’re all sold out where you are. Naaaw. Sucks.

  • Killer outfit!

  • I thought the outfit was awesome just looking at the sneak peak last night but now I’ve seen it in full I love it even more. I would never have thought to put that combination together but it looks great. Speaking of looking great I have very serious hair envy going on.

    • Thank you Kylee. It occurred to me when I was trying on skirts at Liv’s one day with this dress on under them and thought, that looks pretty cool. Haha. Hair envy, well thank you muchly.

  • My first ever full length photo, inspired by your confidence

    thank you xx

    • You’re SO welcome. thank you for coming back to share it with me. Looking great lady! Love the boots with tights.

      • As you know, I’ve been following you for ages. I wrote a post the other day basically about accepting that I’m fat – which doesn’t mean that I accept fat is healthy – but that my attitude is better about it. Mostly thanks to your posts. I have loved watching you grow and change in this blog, I almost feel like I know you 🙂 Thanks again. xx

        • It’s about accepting who you are, right now. I said to Katy the other day, only loving your body when it’s perfect is like saying that you should only love yourself when YOU are perfect. Crazy! Thank you for your kind words. I can’t wait to check out your post. 🙂

          • You are quite right. I think it’s too easy to say that I’m fat, so I’m worthless. I’m fat, but I am sure worth something. It’s taken years to get to the point of saying that, and feeling it. Years of being with an abusive man, who told me that no one else would want me, didn’t help. Now, I’m married to my soul mate, and am on a new path. He loves me, adores me, just as I am, so why shouldn’t I love myself?

            • I think in general in life people make too many excuses for themselves, for their partner, kids, friends. If we were accountable for the type of life we live and being responsible for living it full out 100% then the labels would just drop away.

              I’m glad to hear you’ve moved out of that previous relationship. That takes guts lady. Well done.

              • I totally agree. People often ‘hide’ behind labels, I don’t want to be a label anymore.

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