17 sundays jacket casual dress ankle boots plus size-8

Sharing my outfit today with a side order story about my friend Olivia. Olivia who likes to loan and sometimes even sell me clothes. Olivia who I love, of course. I mean you don’t meet people like this woman every day. But you must be wondering, why the love fest for Olivia? Well, the reason we are talking about Olivia is that she gave me this dress.

Cute right?

Olivia was one of my first girlfriends since high school that I could swap clothes with. She lives close enough to home, wears a similar’ish size and even if we don’t style items the same way we have a crazy amount of crossover of the same items in our wardrobe. It was a revelation! A friend that I could swap clothes with. Whoa. I was all normal and stuff.

It certainly never hurt that Liv has a massive wardrobe filled to the brim with awesome clothes, AND she’s generous. One of the first times I ever borrowed an item from Liv she gave me pieces that were brand new with tags. Seriously. Just handed them over like, enjoy them lady, bring them back later. How special is that?

This really is a Liv love fest. It’s getting awkward really. But anyway.

Back to this dress today! It’s a slight detour from my usual style but paired with my go to items I fell in love with it. The white and blue are super charming and as soon as I saw it I thought of yes, I could work with that. Nude ankle boots were my first thought. You’ll see that I went with them in the end.

A perfect casual evening with Hubby outfit thanks to the beg, borrow, steal’ability of Liv’s wardrobe. Such a win, right?

17 sundays jacket casual dress ankle boots plus size-4 17 sundays jacket casual dress ankle boots plus size-5 17 sundays jacket casual dress ankle boots plus size-2 17 sundays jacket casual dress ankle boots plus size-6

Take Me Away Sequin Jacket – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Ella Big Ankle Boots – Bare Foot Tess


17 sundays jacket casual dress ankle boots plus size-7

p.s. Can I tell you about the new trick I learnt with my hair? I wash it, blow dry it roughly, brushing it flat as I go with a paddle brush. Then while it’s still warm from the hairdryer I twist it up and pin it back while I do my makeup… And when I let it go, it’s like hey presto blow wave! Magic, right? Am I the last person in the world to discover this? I bet I am.


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  • Mel Watson

    Perfecto date night outfit! You are very lucky to have someone to share clothes with! Although even if my friend’s could borrow clothes from my wardrobe I’m not sure I would be able to part with any, anyway!

    • Thanks Mel. I am lucky. Super lucky. And I hear you, I get a little grabby with my stuff too. Haha.

  • Awwww you and Liv remind me of how I am with Lucy (theicingonmycupcake.com) and Sarah (Sarahiously.com). We’re all the same size-ish and have overlapping tastes and borrow/give each other clothes all the time. <3

    I like how you "anchored" this dress as a real Suger look by using your ol' staples. The dress really livens things up! I think you should investigate more in the floaty linen summer dress dept 😉

    • I’m glad you have your own version of this lady! Yay. It really is the best.

      Thaaaanks. I have such a clear idea of what I like these that it makes it easy to take almost anything and make it my own. And I suppose so, maybe, I’ll think about it. Haha.

  • Olivia

    You’re right. I do love it! 😀 xx