So ladies and gentle’ducks. It happened. After much discussing and talking about it. Here it is. 
Suger Coat It’s, first ever, not a bunch of photos squished together with music, not that there is anything wrong with that but this just isn’t that, Vlog. It’s kinda long, I think. 5 minutes. Is that long? But I had a surprisingly good time doing it. I an’t imagine what I would have done without the questions. They focused me. Stop me trying {thinking!} so hard. 
So now, the rest of you, that said you have been meaning to do it. Or wanted to. It is time! As you can see, it DOES NOT have to be a slick production. Not at all. Haha. 

  • Sheri Bomb

    You are so cute – I would watch you all day!Also, you forgot the click at the end of 'thinkin you're all that' :PAlso, LOVE the spotty background!All in all a rather successful first vlog I'd say! Nothing to be afraid of after all.

  • Lauren

    Awesome!! x

  • Sarah

    How cute are you?! Loved your answers. If I had a voice like yours I would be talking all day. I sound like Cheryl the bogan from down the road. (sorry Chezza!)

  • Kathryn

    You're so cute.I think you should have stood up and answered the questions in a Miss Universe style pose, with lots of smiling and batting of eyelashes. Or not.

  • Madmother

    It just didn't seem like you to me… And I cannot blame alcohol for any vague memory distortion.And how come I didn't know about the meet tomorrow? Hmmm?

  • Jen R

    Great job,very entertaining!!

  • Danimezza

    You rock my lunchbox.You make me want red hair.You look awesome in sparkles…. come to Sydney already!!!

  • CRAP Mamma

    Loved it!! You rock!! Looking forward to catching up tomorrow. cant type anymore, holding sleeping child 🙂

  • I know you a la Skype – this is even cooler! Giggling my head off xx

  • DUDE, that was so weird!! {good weird} I love that your wearing sparkles and man, seriously hard core questions.WELL DONE!

  • Zoe

    Haha, giggled along (in a good way), Even had the kids some check out why I was smiling at the computer! Do more, do more!!

  • Hahaha I laughed WITH you! That was

  • Suger! Why don't you work on radio or TV that is a seriously kick ass voice you've got lady! Love it, I wont see you tomorrow but see you in a few weeks!

  • Haha! You're awesomesauce. This makes me miss you even more roomie xx

  • Oh, you are way slicker than you think you are! Totally awesome, and fabulous to see the animated version of Ms Suger. xx

  • Your voice would be great for radio!Awesome first Vlog!xxx

  • Danielle

    This is AWESOME! It is so great to put a face and voice to someone you talk to. And it has made me a little less anxious about meeting you in a couple of weeks.Now… maybe I should vlog. Maybe.PS: I want that bingo ball spinner!

  • It's something like 11.30pm and it's taken me this long to have a moment to myself, to watch you alone, quietly and uninterupted. Am so glad I did. I usually hate Vlogs (because I'm always interupted), but this was great.You sound exactly like I had imagined you!I wish I'd known you were after questions, I'd have sent you some. Some cheeky ones. ;-)I loved your 'apathy' answer. As you know, it's my pet peeve, I wish people were more passionate about issues, any issue. I loved the What Katy Did books. I still have my original copy of WKD and What Katy Did at School. I had always wanted to hand them on to a daughter. Great Vlog. You're a braver girl than I. But. maybe it'll inspire me to be brave tomorrow and not let my anxiety win.

  • Wow, see, no freak out necessary!You were great!! 🙂

  • That was great. To put a face to the name. You should do more. You do have a great speaking voice. Congrats on your first Vlog. 🙂

  • You are awesome. Great answer to my question by the way, love the anecdote about your brother.Also it wasn't too long, before I knew it the vid was over.Also your hair colour is awesome!

  • Apathy, now there's a worthwhile challenge… fantastic. Loved watching your Vlog, congrats you just keep rockin!!!ciao bellalove lisa

  • Talia

    I know I am SUPER behind the times with this post, but yeah, just wanted to stop by and say that I LOVED it! You are make me laugh and smile.Can't wait for episode two!