Today is the day, I am officially at the beach for a week. Yes, I’m packing my iPad and keyboard. Yes, I would like to blog. No, I don’t care if I do or not. You guys will be pretty busy now anyway, right? Christmas and all that jazz. There is something very particular about this time of year, I’m determined but oh so lazy. I am making plans, reviewing where I’m at and basking in nothingness. I love it. It’s all and nothing at once.

It’s Summer.

So if I don’t get back on here before Christmas, have a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones. thank you for all your support this year, it is appreciated so much. Stay safe, stay happy and I’ll see you in the new year. 2013, whoa  how did THAT happen!?

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  • Trudie Bristow

    Have a most splendid time. Yes the answers we’re all busy. Life and Christmas coming has given me a step back from the blog a go slow, a sick little one has been a priority. Can’t wait to hear about your Christmas shenanigans and see what to 2013 has in store for us all. Merry Christmas my sweet may you and Kel be blessed. X

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I am, it’s all sun, surf, shopping and lazing about. It’s been awesome! Merry Christmas lovely, I hope you and the fam have had an amazing day. xox

  • Hannah

    Enjoy enjoy enjoy, lady x

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thank you! I AM. :)

  • Vera

    Enjoy your vacation! Merry Christmas!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thank you Vera, we’re having an awesome time. Merry Christmas to you too. xo