all black + scarf plus size outfit + anke boots-2

Say you ran into me in my hometown, just ducking to the shops or going about my day on a Friday when I have the entire day to myself, what do you think I’d be wearing? Sometimes I’d almost guarantee you’d walk right past me, not recognising the girl in the flip flops with hair messily dragged on her head… Most the time you’d find me wearing something like this.

Jumper, at the moment, with a skater skirt, boots and a scarf when I want to liven up the black on black that I love so much. Sometimes it’s a slogan t-shirt tucked into the skirt. But always, always it’s relaxed and more than a little laid back. That’s what I like about it. It’s me.

I know a lot of folks with colder weather are freaking out right now at the bare legs, scarf or no scarf, which has to be cold, right? Well haha NO it isn’t really. I’ve worn this look all winter so far and have only been cold once. Stupid outdoor coffee shop tables in the shade, brrrrr. What can I say, I live in an awesome part of the world. Even if more a little more of an occasion to wear a jacket or real live coat might be nice. I’ll take bare legs any old day of the week.

For some people style is about playing dress up, creating a look or an outfit that they imagine themselves to be. THIS can be such a fun, motivating thing to do. To experiment with your style and be someone else even for a moment, to express something that you want to say without saying it. Even if just for that day. And then there’s the times that it expresses so perfectly who you are. A simple statement of you’ness. The latter is my favourite.

all black + scarf plus size outfit + anke boots-8 all black + scarf plus size outfit + anke boots-3 all black + scarf plus size outfit + anke boots-5

Tunic Style Jumper – Target Australia (aaaages ago)
Waffle Skater Skirt –
Scarf – Cotton On
Mirrored Aviators – Shopping Centre Stall
Boots – Target Australia

all black + scarf plus size outfit + anke boots-1

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  • This is so cute. I love a dash of colour with a solid black, always stylish!

  • Jocelyn Brewer

    I hate to disagree with you hun… but I’m freezing looking at these pics 😉 Bare legs in a Wellington NZ winter is just insane! You do look awfully cute tho!

    • Well thank you muchly. However I said it was great HERE. I do not recommend you wear it. You’ll end up with frostbite or something. Bye bye toes. Haha.

  • i love the bare legs and scarf trend! I often do the bare legs and beanie trend which is quite similar. Great patterned scarf too.

    • Ahh yes! Same same. This scarf is such a winner. Simple but really punchy.

  • I do love this.. Its somethings I’d wear to work, it look so very comfortable and cute!

  • I love your collection of mirrored aviators! You so rock them girl! You inspired me not to brush my hair for my everyday style Aussie curves post. Cause, I don’t normally. It is good to show the reality in the images. Thanks for always being so inspiring, xS.

    • Me TOO Sarah! Thaaaanks. I think it’s important to just be yourself. Sometimes that can include mad hair. 😉

  • Awesome everyday style Melissa , it’s all about the accessories and for me it’s about adding different ones to your basics to change the look. Love that scarf and sunnies

    • Thank you muchly Wendy. I love my basics, I’m very keen on a mix and match wardrobe.

  • A pretty style and so simple. That’s the best type. I’ve been in skirts and dresses. Most of the winter with bare legs so I get your style. I did try stockings twice, but they drag on my toes if I try to get them high enough at the top. Only cold at 3am waiting for the train. We are lucky with the weather!

    • Oops replied already. Sorry!

    • Mate stockings and I are in a constant argument. I do love them, but hardly ever wear them. And glad to have you twice. 😉

  • Rachel GeeBee

    I always love your black on black on black!

  • lisarapley

    Love the black on black. But also love the pop of colour that scarf gives the outfit. Just radiant.

  • Bahaha yes. I am cold just looking at you. But you look charming and effortlessly stylish. The geometric print on the scarf is a winner 🙂

  • Bare legs woohoo work it girl! Can’t wait til Melbourne gets warmer! The other day I was like stuff and wore shorts and everyone looked at me like a crazy person lol

  • Ooooh… I’m loving that scarf!

  • GOD! the skirt is super cute! you look pretty in it! and i really like the scarf, i have a huge collection of scarves and wear it with almost every outfit. Nice post!


    • I wore it SO often last year. And thank you. A bit of layering around here is all you really need in winter. Thank goodness for THAT! 😉