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Hashtag Plus Blogger – Halloween Edition

Welcome to the first official challenge week for the Hashtag Plus Blogger challenge. Whether you’re linking up an outfit post, a YouTube video or an Instagram post, we welcome you to get inspired! Not sure what’s going on? Check out the original post here...

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Why I’m in Melbourne next week.

I swear I wrote this post last week. Maybe I dreamed it. I wanted to make sure I gave you all plenty of notice so if you wanted to come and hang out, we could. But well, it's Thursday and that post doesn't actually exist in the world. Apparently, it's stuck in the...

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Need some blog or outfit inspiration? Start here.

Hello, team! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we are kicking off a new blog challenge. So if you're looking for outfit inspiration or even a prompt to write your next blog post, this should help. Not only that, but I'm hoping this will help bring together a community...

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What’s in the mail new season try on.

With some new season goodness arriving in the mail I decided to do a try on video. Let's face it, outfit photos seem like somebody that I used to know, but I'm trying. I think we need to come up with a better incentive for Mr Suger. Thinking caps on, team. This video...

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Prosecco Cocktail with 6Ft6 + Giveaway

Ummm, prosecco fans, get yourself ready for your summer beverage of choice. You're going to love this prosecco cocktail with blackberries and mint. The best news is it is easily adapted for one or for a crowd. And speaking of a crowd, it makes so well ahead of time...

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Not everyone works out to be thinner

Look, it's everywhere. Healthy is the new skinny. Skinny was the old fit. Curves are the new whatever... Blah blah blah. The assumption is when you work out that you're doing it to look a certain way. Usually to get thinner. Which, even in 2017 is still a widely held...

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Office tour and what I’m reading now

Office tour, here we go! I took an Instagram poll {which is a remarkably awkward thing to do} and it came back that 88% of those who voted wanted to see it. I'm not going to spend my days wondering WHY some people voted no. Really. I'm not. *sobs* But the yes vote has...

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Showering with geckos. Not recommended.

I'm not sure what the geckos are like where you live, but around here, they're out of control. There was a little decline in activity around the time we did our last pest spray {cringe} but they've made an epic comeback. Where there was guilt before at their...

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Let’s go out! Plus size party clothes

I'm the sort of person that has work clothes, casual clothes and very little outside of that. Party clothes? Pffft, hardly. What even ARE party clothes, right? I don't get out much. What's the point? Simply put, some of these items are going to solve that whole, what...

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