There are some colours that for whatever random reason I just don’t wear that often. I’m not a no to them per say, but I just don’t pick them up very often. Yellow is one of them. I have that fab yellow chunky knit sweater that my sister gave me… But I couldn’t use that, it’s been like a billion degrees here. And muggy. Soooooo muggy. So yellow week only really had one option. These fluro yellow wedges that I wore for my 30th birthday bash in March!

These wedges are show stoppers. Whenever I wear them people comment on their brightness and how generally cool they are. Comfortable thanks to the giant platform and some well placed strappy straps they are such a win. Anyway the day was saved by the shoes, short version. I love the black on black combo with the pop of colour from the shoes. Nothing says night out for me better than a little black dress and big shoes. So tick and tick!

plus size little black dress with neon-2 plus size little black dress with neon-9 plus size little black dress with neon-4 plus size little black dress with neon-10 plus size little black dress with neon-1 plus size little black dress with neon-6 plus size little black dress with neon-11 plus size little black dress with neon-3 plus size little black dress with neon-7

Black Shift Dress – ASOS Curve {similar}
Necklace – Collette Dinnigan for Lovisa
Neon Wedges – Big Shoe Zam {gifted}


plus size little black dress with neon-8

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    I avoid yellow clothes too. A lot of yellows up against my skin, make me look sallow. Urk! Not good. It’s easier just to avoid yellow entirely. But there is no doubt that those shoes are show stoppers. If only I could find them in my size…

  • yELLE

    Dear shoes,


    I love that you offset all the black with a neon punch… it looks fantastic!

    • Haha. Thanks Elle. And yes, I’m sure the shoes will appreciate your lovely note. 😉

  • flashionaffair

    they look awesome with all the black!!

  • SpiikerKat

    how amazing are those wedges!? black with a pop of neon always looks fabulous, and you look gorgeous!

  • Those shoes are awesome!

  • I’m gutted that those shoes don’t come in a size 9.

    • It might be worth getting the 10. I’m wearing a 12 {they were sold out of the 11 when I ordered} and haven’t had a problem. Worth a go maybe.


    Gorgeous! Love the shoes…

  • Anne

    Those shoes…go girl! Love it!

  • Wendygai

    Awesome shoes Melissa, gorgeous as always 🙂

    • Thank you Wendy! I managed to get through Instagram last night and LOVING your outfits lady. So awesome and you look so darn happy {happy with yourself too – Ha}. Love that.

  • Man, those shoes really are amazing! I can understand why they’d get lots of comments!

    • They really, really are! And yes, there are ALWAYS mentioned when I wear them. It requires me to always have my toes done. Haha.

  • Jocelyn Brewer

    Very glam lady! Those shoes are a little bit spesh aren’t they? Love it!