My time-saving tip when it comes to getting ready whether it’s in a hurry on that busy workday morning or if you are a little dusty from one heck of a night before is to go with what you know works. When you are short of time stuffing around deciding on a new outfit idea is a waste of time. Reach for the old favourites and get out the door before you know it.

Like on this windy Sunday morning {errr, yesterday} on a balcony on the Gold Coast. That’s exactly what I did. I reached into my overstuffed suitcase and pulled out my ankle boots, my stripe pencil skirt and my Afterglow tee. Simple, effective and a proven winner. A little chilly though. So I pulled on the floral bomber jacket I had just borrowed from Emma and I was done. An easy ponytail and some face on and I was prepared to face the day. If not a little wary of how it would turn out. It had been one heck a weekend so far. I was pretty darn exhausted.

For me the ankle boots work because they drop lower at the front. The pencil skirt works because I love it. The length of the t-shirt makes this outfit easy to wear and comfortable. The jacket worn open is casual and fun and the clashing print makes the whole thing more interesting that if you added a simple black bomber jacket or blazer. And all of it distracts from my tired eyes and second day hair. And that my friends is a win.

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Floral Bomber Jacket – Wonderlust {sold out – similarish}
LA Afterglow Tee – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Stripe Pencil Skirt – Virtu {similar here}
Black Ankle Boots – Target Australia {similar}


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Got any time-saving tips for me? What’s YOUR secret to getting out the door on time?

  • My special time saving tip – because I am so not a morning person – is to decide on the outfit the night before, put it all together – socks or hose or whatever, underwear, my layers of outfit, on my special rack in the walk in robe. It is there ready to put on and go.

    I can’t put together an outfit in the morning. I can barely put together a coherent sentence pre coffee. On the occasions when I have forgotten to do the night before procedure, it takes me forever to work out an outfit, plus the outfit I choose is often terrifying and scary, plus some parts of it may be inside out due to lack of talent and time. 🙂

    • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

      I am the same. If I don’t decide the night before it means I will be running late in the morning.

      • I wish! Whenever I chose an outfit the night before, I rebel against it or sleep to long that I’m late anyway because I’m so ‘prepared’. Haha.

    • Haha. Love this. Ahhh coffee, you delicious vixen you. I love the idea of a special rack to lay it all out for yourself to grab and go because I hear you loud and clear about the deciding in the morning thing. Sometimes I have to give myself a stern talking to so I’m not late.

  • Nicole

    Oh come on..this outfit is too cute!! I think you should select a reader (me)…makeover her wardrobe (me)…and then write about that…haha! 🙂

    • Haha. Let’s do it. I’d love to shop with you. Actually I love to shop with other people’s money full stop. 😉

  • murphy scanlon

    Very cool! Gotta love those outfits you just know will work! Nailed the pattern clash too!! All in all a success in my book 😉

    • Thanks Murphy. And yes, omg, I love these no brainer outfits. Drag on and go.

  • pattern clash-tastic! Loving it, and the printed tee <3

  • “The pencil skirt works because I love it.”

    And this right here is the secret to looking good 😀

    I’ve tried deciding the previous night what I’m going to wear, but I always change my mind in the morning because I don’t like being told what to do! So I come up with two or three potential outfits instead, then I still get to choose but I don’t have full-on wardrobe paralysis. It also helps that I love dresses, which means I only have to make one big decision (*this* dress) rather than two or more (skirt or pants? this top or that top?).

    • YES. PLUS that is how to stop apologising for wearing clothes you love. 😉 Thank you lovely.

      Funny you say that, I was just saying on one of the comments below that the few times Ive tried to lay things out, I rebel against it or over, over sleep because I’m so ‘prepared’. Haha. Fail Suger, total fail.

  • SpiikerKat

    I’m loving those boots sooo much!!!! cute outfit and a pattern clashing win!

    • They really are the best. I’m obsessed with ankle boots at the moment. I keep going to grab ankle boots to wear t my pretty darn corporate job. Haha.

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