I love the idea of big chunky knit sweaters, thrown on leather look leggings with soft curls cascading down my back, tasselled slouch messenger bag and soft suede boots for this week’s theme. It turns out that if I managed to put all that together and wear it someone in the current weather I would probably die. Never mind check your elderly neighbours and pets, check the fashion bloggers! Passed out and frail from the dream of a perfect outfit. Suffering for their posts. Save the fashion bloggers!

Errr, jokes aside, you should totally check the elderly neighbours and pets in this heat. Really. Do it.  

So given my predictions of a warm and sweaty death at the hands of too much layering, I opted for something a little more weather friendly. Something that would suit the 40+ degree days and balmy nights. This dress has a crinkled texture to it that totally fulfils the brief for the theme.  It’s something that I threw together for a night out and had to recreate for you all. You’re so welcome. Please, PLEASE ignore my tired eyes and crazy hair. What can I say, I’m a little hung over. Awkward.

plus size old navy green dress 001

plus size old navy green dress 003

plus size old navy green dress 004

plus size old navy green dress 005

Dress – Old Navy {swapped}
Shoes – Peter Morrisay for Big W
Sash – From another dress

{no brand associations apply}

plus size old navy green dress 006

Check the ladies out!



  • You look amazing in green doll! Your hair and the green are a sweet combo! xo

    • Thank you Jessica. I hardly ever wear green. My hair was red for so long I kind of stopped. Might have to look into it more. 😉

  • Hehehe that dress was mine, brand new from Old Navy. I loved the casual summery-ness of it but it looked like a sack on me… on you it looks AMAZE. Proof that sometimes even if you love something you have to set it free.

    • That it was! Gorgeous. So summery and light. But I get what you mean, I feel the same way about the dress you’re wearing this week, I LOVE it, but it just doesn’t work on me. Siiiigh.

  • You have great legs Ms Suges! That dress is doing all the right things for you…especially the colour.

    • Thank you Lisa. A lot of kms on those legs. Haha. Got to love a clothes swap, it makes for some awesome new finds I probably would never have bought myself. I haven’t worn green since before my hair was red.

  • You look pretty great for someone claiming to be hungover! I’m loving the hair – light is really working for you. I struggle with crinkly fabrics. I always feel like everyone is just assuming I didn’t iron. But this dress looks great. I love the sash.

    • Thank you Melissa. I think the lighter hair and make up hides the ashen shade of me. Haha.

      I know what you mean about crinkly fabric, it usually reminds me of cheesecloth skirts from the 90’s. The sash helps too, I think, makes it look less thrown on.

  • Sophie

    Kelly green is my fav! Looks so fresh.

  • Kristy @ The Life She Made

    That colour green is so good on you! I think it’s the blondeness and your skin tone, it’s just perfect.

  • That colour suits you so much! And that looks like a really comfy summer number. x

  • abearmadethis

    beautiful green colour really suits you and I love the cut out neck detail xx

    • Thank you! The cut out is really gorgeous. I’ve realised that I’ve done a poor job of showing it off though.

  • Katie Spijkerman

    Lovely dress but where can I purchase those legs!? 😉

    • You can buy them with lots and lots of squats and time on the treadmill. HA. 😛
      Good one, thank you. xo

      • Katie Spijkerman

        Damnit, that was what I had feared 😛

  • Jen R

    lookin good girl that green makes your eyes POP and your hair looks lovely too xx

  • Wowser – you look amazing! That colour is fantastic and it fits you like a glove. Beautiful.

  • Now if that is hung over, I’m a monkey’s uncle. You look bright, fresh and gorgeous.

    The green is spectacular on you.

    • Well you, my friend are a monkey’s uncle because under all that make-up and big hair is one sore and sorry Suger. Haha. I think the green helped pep the whole thing up a bit. But the size of the bags under my eyes are dead give away. 😉

  • Love the dress and vibrant green colour. Great hair!

  • Mez

    Wowsers, that green suits you hun! Lovely! Mez xx

  • Ezmae Reid

    You look fantastic, that colour is amazing on you and your hair is look so damn good!

    • I’m really happy with how it’s turned out, colour wise and the length is good too. Fun for a change, that’s for sure. Thank you. It’s certainly a unique colour.

  • Jocelyn

    That colour is stunning! Love the addition of the sash.

    • It’s a bit special indeed! One of those, let’s see if this works on my way out the door things. Glad I added it.

  • I agree with what others have said, this is a great colour for you, it makes your eyes look even more amazing than usual 🙂

    • Thank you Omega. Funny thing is my Dad always told me to wear bright colours that they would suit me. We have such similar colouring. Thank goodness I look a bit alright in black too. 😛

  • Guest

    Great colour on you and love the style with the black.