It’s here Sugers! The week I’ve been waiting for. It’s STRIPE WEEK. Oh yay. Stripes are my all time favourite thing. Somewhere along the line it became a bit of a signature move on my part, I have no idea how. But now I take it as a personal affront should someone say fat ladies shouldn’t wear stripes, then I proceed to flaunt my stripes in their face in a very childish manner. I get it, people are afraid of looking bigger than they are. But dude, stripes aren’t your enemy on that front.

Trust Aunty Suger.

So anyway, where was I? This week. This fabulous week all the Aussie Curves ladies will be sharing their striped up selves with you. Me? Well I’ve declared it stripe week on the blog and have put together three stripe outfits to show off. And if you don’t believe me on the power of a stripe by the end, well, we might not be able to be friends. At very least we’ll have to agree to disagree. If you’re lucky.

 Now let’s talk about the star of this show. And surprisingly it isn’t my gorgeous Virtu stripe jacket. It’s these mint green Virtu jeans. Woot woo. Loving them. They are comfortable to wear, have just the right amount of suck in power {and good weight to the fabric} PLUS they’re gooooorgeous. Ladies with larger legs be warned, these are a true slim fit, so try them on in-store if you can, they’ll be worth it. Promise!

This was the first wear for these jeans, I didn’t even wash them first {much to Hubby’s disgust} so I expect them to give a little more after they are washed. Best part was, I wore them in the car for over 2 hours to a party this weekend, then partied in them until almost 4am and they still looked great! They gave a little but still had a firm, supportive feel. Got to LOVE that. So good I’m trying to work out if I can justify ONE MORE pair of coloured jeans to Hubby by picking them up in hot pink too. Maybe I’ll get the crop ones and call it Summer essentials?

So there you go. A stripe outfit that screams stripes without them being head to toe. I ended up wearing a looser fitting {and longer} tee to the party because they peplum was just too restrictive and some flip flops. I didn’t end up needing the jacket at all because the warmer weather is here in earnest now and I was nice and warm on my own, thank you very much. Short version, I love this outfit but I think it’s going to be put on the back burner for now. Too hot. Already. Gah.

And don’t forget to come back Wednesday for the next stripe outfit!

Stripe Blazer – Virtu {sold out, check in store}

Top – ASOS Curve

Martine Mint Jean – Virtu {gifted}

Shoes – KMart

Necklace – Custom Made – Wendy B Designs

{some brand associations exist, please see my disclosure policy}

  • I can’t get enough of your blog at the moment. It’s my main blog that I HAVE to visit every day. x

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    Looking gorgeous as always and the colour of those jeans REALLY suits you. It’s thanks to YOU that I now have stripes in my wardrobe 😛


    • Thanks Rach. I love them and I think it could be one of those colours. My sister was wearing a dress in mint over the weekend and we were all saying how much it suits her. A family colour perhaps. And excellent news on the stripes! I would covered the whole world in them if I could. HA.

  • Those jeans have some real ZING, love that colour, and the jacket sets them off perfectly.

    • Thanks Omega. Love them. And I do believe my life was complete the day I finally got this jacket. It’s just one of those things that fit my wardrobe and style SO much. Love.

  • Tabitha

    You are so cool lady!

    P.s. Have only been on your mobile site lately, and missed the change of background – LOVE IT! So much fun and colour goodness! xx

    P.p.s. Any news on the GC blog meet? I want to catch up with you already 🙂

    • Haha. Thanks!

      It’s not too much? It’s like me, me, me in a background! HA.

      no news yet, but I’ll check with Dani. Otherwise, I might just have to make a weekend of it myself. 😉

  • Work it Suger!! You look gorgeous and that striped jacket is the perfect cut for you.

  • Cherie

    … Loving your look … perfection as always Suger 😉

  • partied until 4am!? You animal you!!! 😉

    Seriously love these jeans. Why didn’t I try them on on Sunday?!?! I feel like I should join in on you stripe week- Aunty Suger does give good advice.

    • I know, right, who does that!? Haha.
      I thought that as Kel drove me home. Whoops. Fail.
      Do it! Stripe week is going to be awesome.


  • abearmadethis

    you look fab. I love the blazer and the coloured jeans and matching necklace work so well with it. xx

    • Thank you. It was one of those moments of stuff just lining up, on my way out of my room this necklace caught my eye and I was like, errr, wonder if that would work. And it’s perfect.

  • I know I should be all ‘that blazer is amazing’ & it is, but those jeans stole the show, I LOVE THEM!

    • Yes you should be, because it IS. Haha. But the jeans, they won me over big time too. Great colour, right? So yummy and so very spring.

  • I love so much about this look…. how shall I count the ways??!!
    1. The blazer is awesome. You have me adding blazers to my wish list.
    2. Black is the peek colour, not the main event. Awesome.
    3. The jeans are drool worthy. Great colour. Yes, cropped ones for summer essentials. Naturally!
    4. I spy accessories. Stunning colour and design and I’m totally jealous.
    Great stripes Melissa! =)

    • Haha. Best comment ever, it’s like a sonnet or something. But I think, that might have been the point. 😉

  • so it finally arrived Mel – stipes week and you didn’t disappoint. you totally went for something i was not expecting (skirts) and those jeans are awesome….

    • I know, we waited so patiently, counting down the days and here it is! Yay. Thank you. I’m glad you were surprised. I was absolutely going for that. And pants again! Who knew that I could ever wear so many pairs of PANTS. Woah.

  • Falala Mele

    those jeans are rad and the jacket just pops off it. HERE HERE to stripes week on Sugercoatit

  • Peggy Saas

    You are so adorable! I find myself smiling at your photos, you’re just too cute! And those jeans, *WANT*

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  • Gorgeous!!

  • Ashley Rose

    Major drool! Absolutely adore the colour of those jeans! xx

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  • Siki-Lou

    your contrasting colour of choice is DELISH and flatters you girl! You look GOOD!! 🙂

  • Jocelyn ~ Mama’s Style

    great jeans and blazer! perfect colour for you 🙂

  • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle

    Love the colour of the jeans. I have been looking at a similar jacket in a local shop and I just can’t decide. You make it look so damn good!

    • It’s perfect, right!? Such a great colour for Spring. Take a look at Kmart, Autograph and City Chic for current stripe one {even in store for one like my Virtu one} and find one that fits your shape. You’ll never regret it. I wear mine all the time.

  • Bek

    Ooooh I love that mint green! And the stripey blazer! Ok, I just want the whole outfit. You look fab.

    • Thanks Bek! I love this outfit too. The colours and the lines of it. Sigh. My favourite.

  • Mel, you TOTALLY hit the nail on the head with this look in my opinion. Love the coloured jeans (ignore hubby, you gotta wear em before you wash em) and the striped jacket: this outfit looks like it was made for you xxx

    • Thank you! Means a lot from such a stylish lady such as yourself. I think, somewhere, it might have been made for me. It suits me down to the ground.

  • When I see striped clothing I think of you, always! You’re looking rather fab here gorgeous lady!

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