HEY! Here we are. Already in Week 6 of the Aussie Curves challenges. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? So it turns out that Hubby and I are making a bit of a thing of taking these photos. We might go out for food after, sometimes before or we go for drive and have a chat in the car. It’s nice. It sort of makes up for the fact that he drives me batty when it comes to setting up the photos and getting what I need. But beggers, they can’t be choosers, right!

This week we were asked to sparkle. I expect there are going to be some fabulous, wonderful, bright and shiny outfits out there. I considered my options and was lucky enough to have inherited this jacket covered in sequins from Olivia at our last clothing trade. I’m going to put it aside to give back to her. No matter how much I love it, I’ll never wear it. She might as well sell it to a good home. A sparkly one. I hope. Maybe you want to buy it from her? Let me know.

Just quietly, this top is the next phase in my peplum addiction. I picked up this one in coral and black. I have big plans for these tops. The black one especially was bought small and will be making an appearance at the next race meet in town with my Virtu blue pencil skirt and some ridiculous heels. Adore. I’m lucky to have quite a stash of random skinny black belts that fit them perfectly so basically I’m done. No more shopping for me for a while. I’m changing sizes too fast and it’s costing me a fortune. In jeans/pants especially! But at least my shape has stopped changing for now.

But speaking of changing, my hair is longer AGAIN. I guess that will happen when you never cut it. The size of the buns I can make on top of my head are ridiculous. A good ridiculous, a fabulous ridiculous, the whole point ridiculous. But mad, none the less. I’m loving it actually. There’s nothing else I would rather do with my hair. Except maybe a rocking, blonde, pixie cut ah la Cate Blanchett. Maybe one day. After I get brave.

I had this plan, again, for photos that were going to be totally different to this. I’d planned to take the photos at the local race course. By the light of the headlights of my car. They give off this gorgeous white/blue light that I love. And I thought that the light would really hit the sequins on this jacket and make it shine.  Turns out, there’s a swap meet in town, and while I don’t mind a bit of public prancing for the camera, that’s just TOO public. Haha. But this, this bright and colourful wall was just as perfect, don’t you think. With my orange nails and coral top, it was almost MADE for this outfit. Expect to see more photos here. Hubby even said he’d bring his blower-vac to tidy up the ground next time. Love that man.

Peplum Top – ASOS Curve

Jacket – NOW {swapped}

Skirt – ASOS Curve

Shoes – Emerson for BigW

{no brand associations currently exist}

  • I am still putting my post together and here is yours ready to read. I am loooooving your photos! Well done Mr Suger! You are looking fabulous. Awesome shoes, and that background works perfectly. Amazing sparkle. The headlights shot sounds ammmazing. Hope to see it at some stage! Great outfit =)

    • I couldn’t sleep. Foiled by that darn afternoon nap. Haha. He did a beautiful job, didn’t he. Go team.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. The headlight shots will be done next time I’m heading out on the town and have an outfit worth catching. I just think that light would be fab, don’t you?

  • Cherie

    OMG Suger you look mega, mega stunning. The peplum is stunning, gorgeous. Am so envious I’m not able to wear heels, yours are TDF! WOW sorry to go on and on but you look sensational 😉 Then again don’t you always ♥ Have an excellent week Mel.

    • Thank you Cherie, you’re a gem. Looking forward to an excellent week! Thank you.

  • Carly Findlay

    I love love love this outfit! You look amazing and I want that peplum top! So many peplum tops overseas and I bought none.
    Am enjoying these posts 🙂

    • Thank you Carly! I’ve been hooked since I put the first one on. Loooove.

  • Martina

    Your outfit is gorgeous. Love the peplum top and the line oif the skirt on you. The jacket is gorgeous and the shoes! I know they would cripple me but they are so pretty.. Lastly I have to say I love how positive you are about your hubby. He sounds like he deserves it but it is such a good example you set by not putting him down and taking time out with each other. I am a little envious of the fact that you have someone to take your pics and they do such a good job.

    • Thank you. It just all came together around this fab jacket. So lovely and the pink just makes it, I think.

      My father once told me that you have to always be on each others side. By acknowledging him that’s my way of being on his side. Believe me, I love him way more than any of the annoying things he could ever do. And he has plenty. {As do I, but don’t tell anyone. HA}.

      • Martina

        your father taught you very well. I could have done with that advice myself. Hopefully I will get a second chance.

        • He did. I ended up writing a whole post about this for today. I’m sure you will. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Fabulous outfit, fabulous backdrop, double fabulous woman! Everything about this is just RIGHT!

  • You are o coming into your own. You look FABOLOUS.
    Are you sure you’re never going to wear that jacket? Maybe to an event or something, the whole outfit is stellar and could so work at a special event.

    I don’t know wht lse to say to gush over this outfit, I really love it that much. Oh and the pics are awesome.

    • I know right!? I feel like I’m starting to really know. To get it. and how IT applies to me. Thank you.

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure, it needs a fabulous home with someone who looooves sparkle way more than I do. Who will love it and wear it often. But I might give it one more spin after all these fab words. 😉

  • Sisters Closet

    That peplum top looks GREAT! I love the colour! Your photos are also always so beautifully styled. Quite inspiring. A plus size clothing swap sounds fab too! What a great idea, are they private events or are there some that are organised for the public?

    • Thank you! They weren’t always this way. I’ve been pushing myself to go bigger and find new places around my gorgeous town to capture. So thank you, again!

      The clothes swap just goes a little like this… Me, I have bags of jeans and casual clothes and jacket, Olivia has billions of fab clothes she wants to sell, we meet up and swap them. We have wine. I leave way better off then she does. And usually more tipsy too. Haha.

  • Gorgeous! Love the peplum top…I wish I could wear that trend. The jacket is gorgeous too!! Perfect for a night out.

    • Thank you Lisa. Glad it works for me, it’s just a bit too much for to not. Wait, is that rubbing it in? Probably. Sorry!

      Anyway, if you want the jacket, it will be for saaaaale…? ENABLER! Me? Never. Haha.

  • Tabitha

    OK, I know I’ve said it before, but this is my NEW fave outfit of yours.. So crazy fabulous. I love that sequin jacket, and you totally rock it. I think you should keep it and introduce it into your rotation 🙂 xx

    • Haha. Thanks Tab. My aim in life is to be as classic cool as you, so that means a lot.

      the jacket is beautiful, isn’t it. But no, it deserves better. Sparkleier. 😉

  • HumbirdsSong

    Ok. This is my new fave outfit on you FOR SURE. Fabbo honey xx

  • Blower-vac… I LOVE KELVY!!! This outfit looks #totesamaze on you, honestly you rock the peplum so hard I might just have to try your look at PBevent and raid your suitcase. These photos are perfection, love the backdrop x

    • Me too. He’s all kinds of awesome. Most people would think I was kidding when I say that, or when he says that, but WE know better. Haha.

      Thank you! Of course, I’ll be packing WAY too much as usual and you are welcome to give them a spin. I’ll bring you the leopard print especially. 😉

  • Ahahaha you babe!!! I love that peplum!! I do miss that jacket x

    • Thank you. It will be returned. It needs a sparkle’ier home than I can give it. It was lovely to have it visit though.

  • Jen R

    Oh love me a bit of Sparkle…you look fab!

  • This looks sooooo good on you.
    You look so fabulous, and so slim! Work it!

  • Jocelyn ~ Mama’s Style

    Gorgeous!!! Loving that colour on you.

    • Thank you. Turns out my sister’s love of pinks was totally justified. It suits our colouring. 😉

  • These pics are so ace I wanna shout “Yay!!”. That coral colour against the graffitti is awesome. And peplums are totally your bitch. You own them.

  • as I said earlier on FB (damn old IE at work which does not allow me to comment) I love the colour of that peplum shirt against the colours in the “public art” behind you. It may have lead to a new peplum purchase today by myself…..cough NAVY cough

    • NICE! I almost got the navy myself.
      Thank you. Me too. what a happy accident THAT was.

  • abearmadethis

    I love that your hubby is totally cool to go out with you and take your photo, mine just would never do this unless I nagged and nagged and nagged…haha
    BTW you look fabbo!

    • Well, totally cool might be a stretch. Pretty cool and bribed with treats is closer. Haha.
      Thank you!

  • HOTT.

  • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle

    How do you do it Melissa??? You smash out awesome outfits week after week. I’m coming to raid your closet in the night. You have so many nice clothes and more importantly, you always know how to wear them right! xox P.S. I googled ‘plus size coloured jeans’ last week while out shopping to see what I might wear with them and you popped up in the first lot of pics!!! I was like…. hey…I know you!!! 😛 Next time I’ll just email Suger directly for my fashion advice!!! haha

    • Haha. It’ll run out sooner or later. The shopping MUST end somewhere. But seriously, I recycle a lot {this pencil skirt along has been in about a billion posts} and add sale items. Such a generous comment, thank you.

      Oooo, that’s a bit cool! Of course. Send me a message any time. Happy to help. 🙂

  • GUH! AMAZING! Seriously, I think pencil skirts & peplums may have been made for you!!

  • Looking seriously gorgeous! xx

  • river

    This is a fabulous outfit! fab-u-lous!! The colour, the style, just everything.

  • MELE

    flyness! I think this is my have so far. Your top is one of my have colours and so love any outfit shot that has a graff wall….totally a weakness of mine 😀

    • It’s SUCH a great colour. One of my favourites too. Now! Haha. And the wall, oh my, could it have BEEN more perfect? The colours were wonderful. Thanks! xo

  • Love that sparkle and LOVE the graffiti, we have some awesome graffiti art in town and every time I walk past it I think I NEED to take pics in front of it. Wish I could join in with Aussie Curves, seems like so much fun!

    • Thanks Lauren. My brother once took a photo of his car in front of it, and we were driving around looking for a cool spot for photos and it popped back into my mind.

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