Morning Aussie Curves stalkers! How are we all doing out there today. I wanted to speak to you directly because I am a littler afraid you might feel like you’ve seen this outfit before. I guess, in some ways you have. Sort of. I wore this coral peplum top with black for the Sparkle post. Like I was telling Olivia over the weekend, I really don’t have THAT many clothes, I do a fair amount of recycling on here and I’m ok with that. When it came down to it there was just no better top to show off this gorgeous belt from TS14+in my wardrobe. Check it out for yourself.

It was a little windy. Can you tell?

We were back at the race course again on this cool, windy afternoon. I like going there when it’s empty of people. It’s like a little island in what is a fast filling area. Homes and units push against the gates almost now, this wasn’t always the case. I love to stand on the viewing deck and watch the lights come on. It seems quiet and still out there. It seems to quiet me a little too. It’s my version of a hilltop. Even though around here there are plenty of those too. It’s a little bit weird for your personal hilltop to be on a racecourse, right? How very me of me.

When it comes to skirts, I have plenty. Mostly pencil skirts, a fair few maxi skirts as well. I plan to get some cute full skirts made so I can control the length and fabric and check the op shop for some too. Hubby even said to me this weekend that we should go and take a look. I wondered then just how often he was checking in to read this blog…. Very suspicious indeed. But I’m ok with that. My family is making plans to head to the coast for Christmas and the selection HAS to be better than ours is here. So wish me luck. Hopefully I’ll have something a little more interesting than one more black work skirt to show for it.

Top – ASOS Curve

Skirt – Autograph {2010}

Diamonds are Forever Belt – TS 14+

Necklace – Gifted from a friend

Shoes – Morrisey for Big W

{some brand associations exist, please see my disclosure policy}

  • Gorgeous Mel! Coral is such a good colour for you. I love that you show how to restyle pieces from your wardrobe…that belt is so nice!

    • Thank you Lisa. I’m glad you enjoy the restyle because unless I win the lotto sometime soon, or go back to fun time work, I need to stop buying clothes. Haha.

  • Falala Mele

    Suger if I had that top I’d recycle the shit outta it!
    I never used to have a lot of clothes but after converting to op shopping I can afford to pick up beautiful pieces all the time because they are soooo cheap and they are great quality so they last a really long time. You look fab! WOOOOOOT WOOOO!

    • HA. Love it. Thank you.

      I dream of finding some of the awesome stuff you have in op shops. Hubby and I are determined to make this work if only to have some truly unique pieces in my wardrobe that don’t cost the earth. Inspiring me again lady. Thanks for the push.

  • That skirt is gorgeous, great style. Goes awesome with that belt. Of course I love the pop of colour with your peplum top. Cool hill top to enjoy! LOL. I find lots of calm at a near by river and walk way. Even if I’m just driving over it, I have to wind the window down to enjoy the fresh air.

    • It is! I wish it wasn’t quite so windy so I could show you how it looks when it sits flat. Ahhh, best laid plans and all that. Haha.

      Ah yes, river’s have that effect on me too. Fresh air, always.

  • Bek

    Love the bright colour- and as you know I’m a big fan of the restyle! Great versatile skirt. 🙂

    • Thank you, such a great colour and the versatility of this skirt always surprises me. From work and casual to dinner or out. It goes everywhere.

  • you look stunning as always. i love the coral colour and the belt is amaze balls.


  • Sooo pretty! I am in love with that top, I need to invest in more peplum!

    • Thank you Nat.
      Do! I have the three for now but I’ve been eyeing off a dress and a couple more printed ones.

  • abearmadethis

    this look really suits you as I’m sure you know 🙂 I’d like to do more op-shopping good luck with your hunting xx

    • Thank you. Haha. I do tend to stick to a few certain lines that I know work for me. But it’s always lovely to hear it.

      Thank you! You too.

  • Love the skirt, Mel. I also love the peplum top but I’ve been a little wary in trying one on. Not sure if it would suit. You rock it x

    • Thanks Tina. I was wary too. I figured there was no way it could be a good thing. It might be worth a try.

  • You were never going to be short of options for this week’s theme! Am loving the colour of that top on yo: really suits. And that belt is HOT – I want one!

    • Heck no! I had oodles. Too bad they’re all pretty much corporate/work type skirts. I had visions of floral midi skirts floating in my head all week and then I pop over to your blog and hey presto, there one is! Genius.

      The belt IS amazing. I think it’s on sale too, btw. 😉

  • Siki-Lou x

    haha, I second Mele…I would recycle the shiz outta that peplum too baby!! The cut is so flattering on you!! 🙂 I love the flow in your skirt hem…lovely!! x

  • Cherie

    Mega stunning Suger, so gorgeous on you, loving your style. Thank You for your lovely comments too 😉

  • Samara’s Style

    I have this exact shirt! I haven’t paired it with a skirt yet, but you’ve totally inspired me!

  • awww Suger- you look so relaxed in front of the camera, these photos are stunning! xxx

  • Anita

    i love this outfit! love the pink peplum top with that skirt, looks great 🙂


  • Ashley rose

    Very pretty! Peplum tops and fitted skirts are pretty much the best ever!! x