Oh hey there Sugers. Did you miss me? It’s been a long time. One of the longest times this blog has ever sat without a post update. It wasn’t a deliberate break. I had all my gear with me, I even took these photos before my nap on Christmas day, blogging just didn’t happen. Such is life. Such is the way things go. Such is my new attitude. Not that I plan to blog less, I plan to blog and blog and blog this year. But I also plan to take time when I want to. I plan to relish my family and friends. Entertain more, visit more, learn more. I know you all will approve of the changes.

I mean, how could you not, check out my happy face…

plus size casual shorts outfit 001

plus size casual shorts outfit 002

 These shorts are from the 17 Sundays BASIC range. I picked them up, along with the matching dress {and a few other items} just before Christmas. I knew I would wear them to death at the beach. I did, sort of, I spent a lot of time laying around in the maxi dress. Shorts didn’t even really get a look in. Maxi all the way this summer for me. Again. But you know what I loved? I HAD cute shorts. Short shorts, cute shorts. I’m sure t least some other plus size ladies have had the same issues I have had finding them? The BigW coloured shorts were a score, but these, well, they are the holy grail.  And that’s me for this week. A happy, rested, revitalised me.

plus size casual shorts outfit 003

Tee – Lily & Lou for Best & Less
Shorts – 17 Sundays BASIC
Flip Flops – KMart

{no brand associations currently exist}

plus size casual shorts outfit 004

Who wears short shorts? Do you?



  • why hello sexy legs! I can’t get enough of those smokin’ pins! And rainbow stripped shorts with pockets- THEY ARE THE HOLY GRAIL!!!

    • The totally holy grail! Love, love them. Have them in black too and looking at all the other colours as well. Thanks babe. My legs always appreciate the lovin. 🙂

  • I love short shorts! I only found really good ones this year and I’ve been wearing them to death too, haha 🙂

  • Erin

    Lovely! Where’s the top from? xx

    • Thanks Erin. From Lily & Lou for Best & Less. Was a bargain at $15 and THEN I got a second one in the sales for $7! Woot.

      • Erin

        Cool, thanks! I NEED some good TOPS! x

  • Love the colours on the shorts. Glad you had a fab beach break.

    • They’re great, right!? Love them. I DID, thank you. I really needed that.

  • Not SHORT shorts, but definitely shorts. I am living in them lately!

  • Cherie

    Lovely to see you again Suger, looking vibrant and rested! So pleased you took the break, that’s a wise move to step back plus recharge and relax ’tis good for the soul 😉
    Shorts look great on you … only shorts for me are under maxi dresses!

    • Thanks Cherie. I am VERY well rested. It was a pleasure indeed. Thank you. xo

  • Denyse Whelan

    Love the shorts….I wear shorts all summer ..Melissa…who chose the background!!?? If it was Kel say something… It looks like the Amenities block?! X

    • Shorts are the best! And yes, it looks like an amenities block because IT IS an amenities block. Funny that. Haha. We just pulled over between Christmas day venues, not too worried about backgrounds on this one.

  • Oh, those shorts look SO comfy!! Loving the new background on the blog too!

    • They REALLY are. They are one of the only items that I find comfortable wearing them really low on the hips.

  • Jocelyn ~ Mama’s Style

    Stripey shorts… fab! And the tee is cute too. You look so comfy and relaxed 🙂

  • Oh I love those shorts! So summery and cute. Loving the new blonde look. Didn’t think it would suit you. You totally proved me wrong!! Awesome.

    • They’re THE BEST. I wore them all this weekend only alternating with my other pairs.

      Haha. Well I’m a natural blonde, so I would’ve bet against you every time. There’s something about restoring your hair to its original shade that just lights your face up. Thank you.