Holy cow it’s Aussie Curves time again. With all the rain and horribleness around here lately, there really wasn’t much to get dressed up about. Especially not getting dressed up in this week’s Retro inspired outfit. I knew I wanted to show off my town. I knew I wanted to wear my newest eBay score, this amazing striped, pleated circle skirt. So I waited. The rain continued for days and days. My town flooded AGAIN. And I waited some more. Finally a peek of sunshine arrived and I pounced on my moment. YES!

I started with a button up tuxedo shirt I picked up from ASOS a couple of years ago. I swear this thing is as crisp as it was the day it arrived. It does gape a little at the chest a little but that’s me and button ups. We just don’t see eye to eye. I like my bra on the inside. It, not so much. But I try and try because who doesn’t love a white shirt, right? Speaking of love. How adorable is this skirt!? It’s a bit amazing. I picked it up on eBay a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure the seller is out there somewhere. She totally busted me asking whether I was Melissa from Suger Coat It… It WAS. Ha. So Hi! I’ll leave feedback soon, promise. You rocked. I love my skirt. Add a necklace collar, a wide belt and some pointy shoes and hey presto.

So there, my friends, is my retro inspired outfit. I certainly felt very retro wearing it. There’s just something about a full skirt and a high neckline that says olden days to me. Olden days are THE BEST. I don’t know, but for me, it’s got a bit of King and I about it? It just needs a circular petticoat. Speaking of musicals, which I sort of was, I totally downloaded the Pitch Perfect soundtrack this week. Since then I have been harassing Hubby with loud singing and questionable dance moves. Secretly I’m hoping the producers discover me and demand I participate in the sequel. I would supply my own wardrobe, I think, but demand hair and make-up. Diva like.

Until then you’re stuck with me. Hubby too. So let’s get on with this thing. Ready? GO.

plus size retro outfit with stripe skirt 003

plus size retro outfit with stripe skirt 004

plus size retro outfit with stripe skirt 005

plus size retro outfit with stripe skirt 002

plus size retro outfit with stripe skirt 006

plus size retro outfit with stripe skirt 007

Shirt – ASOS Curve
Necklace – Swapped
Belt – Autograph
Skirt – eBay
Shoes – Woman by Peter Morrissey

{sorry, not current items for links}

plus size retro outfit with stripe skirt 008




  • Amy Wells

    That skirt is amazeballs ! And yes, the full skirt, high collar thing also scream ‘ old fashioned ‘ to me, though I always think of it as more of a Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman thing…

    • It’s a bit amazing. I’m afraid to put it through the wash though, it’s almost certainly going to need ironing. Haha.
      AND YES!! I almost said Dr Quinn.

  • Firstly aren’t you all miss prim and proper retro there my love? I like.
    Secondly I must now sneak off a check the donation bag in the garage and see if that striped pleat skirt (midi length) is still there. You’ve inspired some thoughts in me.

    • Haha. Well thank you muchly. How did you go in your garage? Can’t wait to see what you came up with.

  • You’re very prim and proper this week. You make me want to check I’m behaving myself. lol Love the necklace.

  • Sophie

    This is soooooo lovely! I am in love with this.

  • Jocelyn

    Such a classy look… love the necklace!

  • Love this outfit! That skirt is just amazing! x

  • 2 Many Cupcakes


  • SpijkerKat

    this skirt is 10 kinds of amazing! I LOVE the necklace too, works really well with a white shirt 🙂

  • LOVE THIS! and yeahhh … sigh … buttonups don’t buttonup on me, too 😉 I avoid them now, but when I was much younger, I insisted -and my mother used to “pin me in there” – now of course there’s Fashion Tape, but it was actually kind of fun having my mom wrestling w/ my blouse – with me in it ;)~~~

    • Thank you! Haha. I’ve tried the pin me in thing, somehow I always manage to stick my boob. Where’s my Mum when I need her. Ha. Fashion tape! OMG, why didn’t I think of THAT!? Derrrr Fred. It’s SO obvious.

  • Just beautiful Melissa. Love the necklace…looks great in place of a bow tie.

    • Thank you. That’s sort of what I was going for, it was this or a ribbon neck tie mash up.

  • flashionaffair

    Cute necklace, and I love that skirt. The lighting is so nice in these photos! Gprgeous

    • Thank you. And about the lighting, I actually tuned up the colour a little to add some warmth. It’s so cloudy and ick here at the moment that the photos were really pretty but very grey/blue. It’s in the saturation section of your software. 🙂

  • lisa | renovating italy

    totally love that skirt, now get those curves over to Italia to visit us xxx

    • Thank you! Haha. Well do. I’m not sure Italia is ready for me, but ready or not, I’m coming. 😉

  • You look ah-maz-ing. Love this whole look this week.

    • Thank you Kylee. It’s a change from my usual outfits but sort of not at the same time. 😉

  • I really love this outfit. It’s my favourite out of all the retro outfits in the challenge (they’re all great, but yours is my fave!)

  • That skirt look a billion times better than it ever did on me 😀
    I’m happy that it got to you safe and sound! And thanks for the fabulous feed back

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