Well, well, so I’m squeezing in with my Aussie Curves post this week. It’s PURPLE week. Fun. Too bad I went and used just about every item of purple clothing I owned for that post the other week. Sheesh, I really need to look ahead in the challenges a little more. But that aside there was also this little thing like a natural disaster, my town going under ANOTHER major flood and the Australia Day weekend spent cooped up in the house waiting it all out. It turns out that there’s not very many places to wear a purple outfit under such circumstances. But when the water went down, I made one up.

I paired my purple maxi skirt with the scarf I picked up at the same time because I couldn’t resist the two paired together. I added a bright pink top, so make-up and hey presto outfit post. The sun had pretty much already set, I’d had about 4 hours sleep {hello anxiety, welcome back} and the skirt is wrinkled. But I know you love me just the way I am, so here we are anyway. I promise to Photoshop the bags next time {HA! I won’t, promise}.

And that’s about all I’ve got to say about that {don’t you love Forrest Gump?}.

Aussie Curves Plus Size Outift 003

Aussie Curves Plus Size Outift 001

Aussie Curves Plus Size Outift 002

Aussie Curves Plus Size Outift 005

Aussie Curves Plus Size Outift 004

Aussie Curves Plus Size Outift 006

Top – Lily & Lou for Big W
Skirt – Autograph Fashion {similar in black}
Scarf – Autograph Fashion
Shoes – Ecco {gifted}

{disclosure policy}

Aussie Curves Plus Size Outift 009

Say HELLO to the ladies when you visit them in their purple finery, would you?



  • Ezmae Reid

    Love that skirt and love all the bright colours. You and Olivia kind of match this week with the whole purple pink thing going on! I really like the back drop of these photos and the lighting its very nice!

  • Love it. And this is a better post for Purple week that the other one. Mostly because…well, this skirt is purple. That other post had a magenta top. Totally not purple. 😉

    You look gorgeous.

    • Oh great, just like polka dot week when I wore spots instead of polka dot. Sigh. 😉

      Thank you. xo

  • Siki-Lou

    I luuuuuurve your posts! That 3rd shot of you is so winning!! You look hot!! 🙂

  • sheribombblog

    I do love Forrest Gump. I also love your purple and your movie quotes and your smile ♥

  • Katie Spijkerman

    I’m surprising myself, but I love the pink and purple together – its such a bright pretty combo! Very cute

  • Pamela Collett-Dyer

    I’ve only just gotten into wearing scarfs – I always thought they would be hot to wear. Oh – I know you posted about the Gympie floods a few days ago – but I lived in Gympie for a year, about 10 years ago. I taught at JN.

    • Me too. I like the light weight ones only, too hot here for anything heavier. Yes, I grew up here actually. moved away for a little bit and came back with Hubby to settle. Always nice to meet a fellow local… haha.

  • So pretty. The colours really bring out your gorgeous eyes. I need to get more light weight scarves as we head into autumn. I only really got into them last winter but their great for sprucing up an outfit 🙂

    • Thank you Emma. They’re the best. I can’t wear anything heavier, I overheat in my climate.

  • Swiat Asi

    Pink and purple is a really beautiful combination. I like the way You look 🙂

  • Jocelyn ~ Mama’s Style

    You look fantastic… and so comfy. What bags? 😉