Well hello there. Did I tell you about my sister’s aversion to all things spotty and dotty? Well she hates them. Cute on kids, she says, but silly on grown ups. For ages I never really even picked up anything polka dotty in store  without a chuckle. Then I picked up a spotted shift style top from Best & Less and it sort of opened the flood gates, much to her disgust. But she loves me, so she deals with it quietly. I’m a stripes girl, always will be, but I like to mix it up sometimes with a little spot or two.

Dots just add a cute factor I rarely get in my clothes. I think that’s what I like. It’s pretty much the same thing sis isn’t a fan of. This would be a pretty dull outfit without the hint of polka dots. Wonky ones at that. The coloured denim is pretty much a stock standard thing for me these days, a little ho-hum, there’s Melissa with a coloured butt again. Woo hoo. Sigh. Joking! But really, it adds a bit of fun, don’t you think? The spots.

Something else that just finishes is this cute necklace I won over at Shop Me Chic. I’m like the ultimate double win for them and the brands in that giveaway because of course, I’ll link to them when I wear them. And they were already giving this stuff away anyway. Score for them and score for me because I love a good competition win. And this one was pretty fab. Lots of necklaces and jewels which we all know, my closet was seriously lacking.

So short version is I am pretty much in love with this necklace. The colour is the BEST and I figured on polka dot week it adds that little bit extra circular’ness to the outfit with the silver ball sections. The leather strap section of the necklace is tied at the back so you can make it as long or as short as you like, which is great for me because I either like necklaces short or long. Again, I’m a bit fussy like that.

Necklace – Nerine Anne Designs {won}
Blouse – Avella for BigW
Singlet – Avella for BigW
Jeans – Virtu {similar}
Wedges – Kmart

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

  • I almost bought that top, but couldn’t figure out how to wear it. I might have to go back now! Love the royal blue and lilac together.

    • Thank you Lisa. Watch the sizing in this shirt, I picked up a 24 because it looked narrow and it still doesn’t really button up. I should know better, according to BigW, I’m a 26 in Avella.

  • flashionfashion blog

    Yey I have been waiting for your post all day hehe, Love the necklace color with the polka dot! Very sweet outfit!

    • Haha. Well hello! Thank you. It’s a bit cute, right? I always wonder about cute and whether I can pull it off. But I like this.

  • hello_owl

    I think you look super cute in polka dots. super cute.

  • mele

    I picked up a whole lot of my polka dots stuff from best and less….I brought the lilly an lou one there the other week but I haven’t worn it yet 😉 I love dots!!!!

    • I want the swimmers, I think. I’ve been eyeing them off for a while and my store still has lots in stock. I might just have to take another look.

  • Bek

    You look lovely- necklace, polka dots and blue all go beautifully together. 🙂

  • Great polka dot top. Loving the colour of your necklace and jeans. *woof whistle*

  • river

    I think it depends very much on the size and colours of the dots, whether they are in a pattern or part of a design etc. also the styling of the garment, something made in a childish design would not suit anybody except a child.

    Your top looks good.

  • Cute outfit but they are NOT polka dots. Polka dots are evenly sized and spaced. Otherwise they are just dots. Also your sister is wrong. Dots are awesome.

    • So I hear. I knew there had to be a difference between spots and dots and polka dots. Turns out, I should have worn my other top. It actually IS polka dots. Sigh. Try again next time, right!?

  • ahhh sugar you are just too pretty! i adore this look! and that necklace is the prettiest shade of purple xx

    • Thank you lovely. It is, as soon as it arrived I thought it would be a favourite, the colour is just too perfect.

  • Oh, I like that top, and I happen to love your coloured butt, I wish I could pull off coloured jeans half as well as you do, and buns for too!

    • Haha. THANKS! I figured I was boring you guys to death by now. Glad to hear I’m not. Well, not entirely anyway. 😉

  • If Cruella was urban and hip, this is what she’d wear! You look fabbo, as usual 🙂

    • Thank you. Awesome! Other than the dog killing, i always kinda loved Cruella. 🙂

  • Melinda @ Shop Me Chic

    Thank you so much for our mention!

    I love that necklace… I actually have the same in mint.

    On another note, every girl should wear spots, dots or polka dots from time to time 😉 x

    • You’re welcome. Great give away. I loved it. I’m even happier that I won it and that I received all the fabulous goodies.

      Haha, they absolute,should.

  • You’re spotty hot my friend and the accessory is lovely too.
    My general no go is hearts, I have a real issue with hearts on clothing. But hey I’m always mixing and clashing with my vintage and thrifted style, you never know where it will take me. One thing I’ve learnt more and more with fashion is never say never.

    • Thank you Trudie. I hear you on the hearts, I never have gotten over the line on them. I almost got a jumper on ASOS with larger hearts on it but just couldn’t do it. Then saw it one Nic and was sad I hadn’t. Never say never indeed.

  • simple and sweet. love the necklace.

  • You look fab! Please take off that necklace and give it to me now: I love it! 🙂