This weekend, this loooong weekend in sunny, gorgeous Queensland was all kinds of confusing. Perfect one minute, random clouds but no rain the next. I changed my mind about what to do almost every single day. Saturday was sunny, gorgeous weather for the local seafood festival but hubby was working, so I was indoors doing a bit of the same. The plan was to go to my sister’s birthday party then on Sunday go to the markets to restock the vegetable supply and then have some lunch out and about in the sunshine.

But you see the weather on Sunday had other plans…

Overcast. Warm, then really chilly. A bit of rain. But not that much. So we dressed for our picnic/market adventure anyway and went about our day. We did end up picnicking in our living room though. It turned REALLY cold and this outfit is built for summer days not windy chilly ones! And shorts, well, I had originally planned to wear with outfit with coloured jeans. Of course. Roll up the hems and call it a day. But realistically, when it gets hot around here, you just wouldn’t wear jeans even if you DID cuff them up. Not all the time, but most of it. So I wore these cheap and cheerful BigW shorts. And I LOVE THEM.

How gorgeous is the print on this tunic blouse from Virtu!? It’s called the stained glass tunic blouse and it’s all kinds of beautiful. More muted in colour than I expected before it arrived but it pairs beautifully with any number of other colours. Mint, pink, beige, white or blue! Like here. I imagine lime, orange, coral and brown would work too. It does have the keyhole arm thing that makes me shake my head, but I was willing to overlook that this one time. I can see it doing all sort of occasions from a day at the beach to dinner on a balmy summer’s night. Gosh how I’m ready for Summer! I’ going to get a white singlet top to put under it so I don’t get the neckline and arm interference from the white tee. But with the blouse open, it works.

Sunnies – BigW

Tee – Avella for BigW

Stained Glass Tunic Blouse – Virtu {Gifted}

Shorts – Avella for BigW

Flip flops –  KMart

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

  • I generally get my mum to sew up those sleeves. Not a fan myself. Love the colours on the shirt, especially with the shorts.

    • Haha. My Mum can sew but I think she’d only do it to save herself. 😉

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    Nice pins Missus!! I have leg envy – mine are rather um large and ‘orrible unfortunately, so even in hot weather I still have to wear 3/4 pants not to feel self conscious :-/

    • Well thank you muchly. I’m about to start a new cardio push so watch this space! A bit of running, some bike and loads of step ups.

      I’m sure your legs have their own charm. All legs do. And if it’s any consolation I still feel a bit weird about this length shorts. And they’re not even THAT short. Ha. I’m a nana.

  • Kimmie

    Lovin this look on you and Kel is looking pretty damn spiffy in these shots also!

  • Ahhh so you had Geelong weather in Queensland. That is what most days are like for me all year round! LOVE the colours you’ve worn!! Great combo. Like the guest appearance in your post. I guess someone wanted to be on the other end of the lens?

    • It turns out we did! But I didn’t realise until I was waltzing around in it. Haha.

      Thank you. Loving the new season colours and the variety of stuff available. It caaaaalls to me. And that dude, yeah, he’s cute. I think I’ll keep him. 😉

  • Tabitha

    The colour of your shorts is uber fab! X and love the last pic! So cute!

  • The last pic is SO CUTE and damn your legs look great in short shorts. In the words of Aidan “High Five”!

  • Carly Findlay

    You look fab! I love that tunic – the colours are pretty. And your legs look amazing too.
    Every time I see the Aussie Curves posts I wish I could join the fun!
    There’s a bit of fashion blogging happening on my blog today too 😉

    • Thanks Carly, the tunic was such a random choice for me but I love it! I can see it getting a lot a play this year. Naaaw, sorry you can’t play. But I WILL be popping over to check out that bit of fashion bloggage. 😉

  • Those colours too fabulous on you. Love everything about this look.
    And more importantly, who is that handsome fellow in your post?! He looks like a keeper ;D

    • Thanks Cait! xo

      He IS handsome, right? And totally a keeper. Haha. I decided people might think I made him up if we didn’t see his face again soon. 😉

  • Bek

    Oooh love those shorts- I think I’ve tried them on but the Big W sizing is too small for me. Love the top with them, you look fab!

    • Thanks Bek! I’m wearing a 26 in these pants. The sizing is WAY out. I meant to mention that. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll do an edit.

  • Jocelyn

    Yay… lovely to see a practical but still stylish picnic look! You look lovely and relaxed 🙂

  • Those colours look lovely on you! 🙂

  • river

    Those colours are really nice on you! I’m pleased to read the shorts are from BigW, there is one near me so I can go and check them out. I LOVE the tunic blouse.

    • Thanks River. Good luck with your search Try them on though, the sizing is iffy. I’m wearing a 26 and I’m more of a 20 these days. There was pink too!! Yay.

  • Falala Mele

    Your blouse is the type of thing I hunt for when I am op shopping! I LOVE THIS LOOK and the colours look fab on your girl!

    • Thank you! It’s gorgeous isn’t it. Looks very unique even though it’s sold commercially. And I think it would look a little bit different every time you wore it with a different colour.

  • abearmadethis

    this is a cute relaxed look on you. Who said you had trouble doing casual chic 🙂

  • Well, in spite of the weather you look very summery and HOT! Love it x

  • Melissa Mitchell

    I’ve been trying to work myself up to a pair of coloured jeans (I know, I’m months behind. I hated the idea at first, but it’s grown on me). That’s the colour I was thinking of trying. A turquoise or aqua. I’ve only just been paying attention to the Aussie Curves. I’m still a big chicken, so not ready to post, but am honestly getting so inspired.

    • Do it, you won’t regret it. just try on as many as you can before you buy, the sizing needs to be pretty dead on or it won’t work and there are just SO many cuts and styles out there. Find one that suits you and go for it. Try the Virtu mint ones I featured during stripe week first. I think you’ll love the colour. 😉

  • Thanks Janna. I know what you mean, we all have things we’d rather not flaunt. I don’t always love my knees but they are what they are. But red cropped jeans? now THAT’s something I love ALL the time!

  • Haha. Happy shopping! 😉

  • 2 Many Cupcakes

    I NEED those shorts in my life. Stat.

  • This looks like such a comfy picnic outfit! Perfect for the warm weather and sitting on the ground!

    • It is!! The long line of the tunic makes the whole thing all kinds of wonderful. Thanks hun.

  • Melissa Mitchell

    I thought I was the only person who hates the keyhole thing. What is with that?!?!

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