It’s Monday Suger’s and I guess you know what THAT means..! Aussie Curves time. We’ve managed to make it through an amazing 18 weeks together. Isn’t that crazy!? Time flies when you’re having fun my friends. So let’s do this thing because I have been counting down the weeks, then the days until I got to show you these photos. I couldn’t help myself last week when I gave the blog a little freshen up. I pretty much restrained myself. Sort of. So welcome to orange week. A week packed with gorgeous photos, a denim shirt, some orange {of course} and me being a bit of a fool. As usual…

So, now you might have guessed where my new profile photo was taken. Look, I’m going to be completely up myself here and say that it is one of the best {and now most favourite} photos of me. Sure it’s a little wanky with the whole sunlight through the hair thing but I think it’s beautiful. Sooo beautiful. I caution all those I can’t think of gifts for this year that a copy of this might be in the mail for you. HA. Joking. Probably.

It was actually this photo that helped me make up my mind to go blonde’ish again. I’m fading out the brown and heading towards my blonde roots. All the better to turn grey with my dears. I’m going to keep the ombre feel to my hair, I’m way to attached to it to let it go, and just overall lighten it up. So watch this space, I’ll share pics once it’s done and had a decent amount of toner run through it.

Oh wait, orange week you say? This outfit isn’t overly orange, you say!? Well tough. I love it anyways. And orange sneakers and half orange necklace totally count. It’s a bit like stripes week where the show was stolen by the mint jeans. The orange week theme was overshadowed by the awesomeness that is this denim shirt, the jacaranda trees and the talent of the one and only Danimezza. But really, like I always say, a pencil skirt can take a girl anywhere. I probably need some sort of intervention when it comes to outfits involving pencil skirts. But I’m not sure I’d give them up even then.

And don’t even get me started on how much I love these sneakers. Eyeballs off ladies, these babies are all mine. Insert evil laugh here, a cough and splutter and moving on. Got to love having big feet when it comes to factory outlets and end of range sales, let me tell you. In Brisbane especially, if you have size 11, 12, 13 or bigger feet, you’re in luck. The DFO had loooooads of styles, colours and sizes left. And because they’re ‘clearance’ they are only $30 a pop. Score!

Singlet – Avella for Big W
Denim Shirt –  New Look {similar at Just Jeans, Target & ASOS}
Wilderness Necklace – TS 14+ {gifted}
Skirt – Virtu {similar}
Sneakers – Converse

{some brand associations exist, see my disclosure policy}

Photos by Danimezza.

  • Love the outfit and photos! You’re looking gorgeous in orange. I think orange and blue/navy is a great look. The TS necklace finishes the outfit perfectly. Looking awesome!!

    • Thank you! I love orange and blue too, but that’s obvious now. Haha. The necklace, I adore. It’s the best. I wore it to Portable this week just gone and to recreate that outfit this weekend. Can you say obsessed. Wish I’d gotten the purple too.

  • You should be all wanky and up yourself, I love the pics especially the one you’ve used for your new profile pic. Gorgeous my love. The pics are stunning, you’re stunning, the outfit is uber cool. The necklace bright and beautiful and those shoes…..well we know how I feel about those shoes don’t we? X

    • Haha. Oh really, should I just? Well, it does sound like a laugh. Thank you for your generous comment. Love you guts. xo

  • Amy Wells

    Love the way you work your orange! And pencils skirts will never need an intervention 😉

  • Bek

    Gorgeous! Pencil skirts look so fab on you, and I love the colour. And I’m sooo jealous of those orange converse! (size 11 feet here too).

    • Thank you Bek. I do love them so. The colour of this one is amazing. I don’t know what I’ll do when I wear it to death… Probably sew it back together and hope for the best. Haha.

      I’ll keep my eye out for you next. I could mail some. 😀

  • Mandie

    That shot with the light through your hair is stunning – absolutely stunning! Loving your blog 🙂

    • Thank you Mandie. Dani did an amazing job. And yay! Welcome. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.

  • Love love love orange and blue together. You look fab Sugs! Especially loving your new profile pic.

    • Me too! It’s THE BEST. Thank you! The new pic makes me believe my own press. Totes up myself now. 😉

  • Ooops sorry, joined the linky but didn’t realise it should have been about orange … does my tan count as the orange bit?!

    • PS love your new profile pic!

      • Why was my link deleted? Was it because I didn’t wear orange? As explained above I’m a newbie so didn’t realise until after I’d joined the linky. I assure you I am a size 16! Wish I wasn’t but there you go …

        • Hey lovely, been trying to get on here all day to let you know. Yes, it was because it didn’t match the theme. Two other links had to be removed last week for a similar thing so have to keep it uniform. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to leave you a message first and that you’ll link up again. Are you on the Aussie Curves page? It has all the information there, send a request if not and I’ll add you.

      • Thank you!

  • Oh Suger, I love this post, it’s just so YOU! You look amazing, so happy, Dani is such a brilliant photographer! I can understand why it’s your favourite picture of yourself, you look stunning! Can’t wait to see your hair. I LOVE that necklace, I keep eyeing that one and a couple others on the site! Guh, this post = amazing.

  • Melinda @ Shop Me Chic

    I LOVE that necklace! And the orange cons.

    Great outfit & post 🙂 x

  • as always sugar you look amazing! i love the orange and blue combo its different and you defiantly make it work. fabulous!!! Don’t forget to enter my Kardashian Kollection Kompetition details on the blog now 🙂


    • Thank you! It’s one of my favourite colour combo’s. I hardly ever think to actually WEAR it though.

  • Melissa Mitchell

    I agree. It’s the most beautiful photo of you I’ve ever seen (and I was going to say that BEFORE you said how much you love it).

    You’re almost selling me on the converse..

    • Thanks M. It’s our favourite. And Dani took LOTS of photos. 🙂

      Almost? Haha.

  • mele

    *squints eyes* I want that colour!!!!! cool post you look like you are having a blast and the jacarandas are beautiful as are you xo

    • Eyeballs off lady. Haha.
      Thank you. It was fun, that’s for sure. Dani had to drag it out of me. Her big guy camera made me nervous.