This week the Aussie Curves ladies are answering the call of nature. Oh. Wait. That’s not right. The call of the WILD for nature week! Now nature and I are a bit love/hate actually. I love the beach and I love to camp with my family and friends. I don’t like to kill animals and when I was a kid I made my Dad leave a ‘nature reserve’ through our farm as a compromise for him clearing some for pineapples. But I hate cobwebs across my face and rodents are THE WORSE. I hate gardening and would rather cement my backyard and put in a pool. And don’t even get me started on how annoying mosquitoes and such are. Ugh. Love/Hate. Loooooooove. Hate!

So nature week I went digging through my cupboard. I was looking for something earthy and something I could wear to dinner at a truck-stop and not feel like a fool who overdressed {ironically, they serve the biggest steaks ever, that’s nature again, right there}. When my eyes fell on the leopard peplum I thought, heck, why not, I haven’t had this baby out for a while. I tied a sash on it, pulled on a hi-lo maxi skirt and some flats. I pulled my hair back in a hair clip and added some nude make-up. Done and done.

What would you have done, do you think? Given the nature theme. Would you have gone browns and greens? Maybe a feather or floral print? Or would you have dressed up as a tree or a tiger!? Haha. I’d love to hear your ideas. I’m curious more than anything. It’s so open to interpretation that I cannot wait to see what all the ladies have come up with. I hope you’ll tell me what you would have done.

plus size peplum top, maxi skirt outfit 001

plus size peplum top, maxi skirt outfit 004

plus size peplum top, maxi skirt outfit 007

plus size peplum top, maxi skirt outfit 008

plus size peplum top, maxi skirt outfit 006

plus size peplum top, maxi skirt outfit 002

plus size peplum top, maxi skirt outfit 005

Top – ASOS Curve {Swapped}
Sash – From another dress
Skirt – KMart
Flats – Payless
Leather Wrist Band – Ecco {gifted}

{disclosure policy}

plus size peplum top, maxi skirt outfit 009

CHECK the ladies out. Roar. Raaaawr.



  • Amy Wells

    I love your interpretation, and mine would be very similar – only mine would be tiger print maxi with a black tank and a big gold necklace!

  • I love it and you know what I think I would have done something very similar to yourself. I have this gorgeous leopard print vintage silk top with a low back and I love any excuse I can to get a wear. So I think you’ve chosen perfectly. Pics are beautiful, by the way I love your hair pulled back like that. X

    • Gah! That top sounds amazing. Thank you Trudie. Hubby did a great job with the photos and nothing beats a butterfly clip up style for lazy cool. Haha.

      • Actually come to think of it the top has made an appearance on my blog, actually the whole outfit I would of categorised as being a contender for a “nature” theme, if I had to do one.

        • You need to start a vintage ladies link up, get Sherri involved and show off all that is glam and wonderful about your wardrobes. Make it Monday! I can visit while I’m doing my AC rounds. 😉

  • Alison Spence

    Those tones look AMAZING on you! Love the whole look, very naturelle! 🙂

  • Maxabella

    Sassy lady. You look fab! x

  • Sophie

    I’m such a whore for peplums at the moment, and this one is divine! Looking sleek and chic! Love it.

  • HOTT
    Loving the hairdo too! x

  • Spijkerkat

    Another awesome peplum, I covet your collection!!! looking fab!

    • I have three and a top! But believe me, there are many, MANY more in carts just waiting for me to get bulk cash. Haha. Thank you.

      • Spijkerkat

        haha i know the feeling about many more waiting in carts!

  • Everything about this look is so perfect and soft and pretty and awesome. The end.

  • You soooooooooooo rock those peplum tops. And this color is you is amazing. You look stunning. 🙂

    • Well thank you muchly. For all of it. Peplum is a favourite of mine. 🙂

  • Totally smokin! You and peplum together rock my socks Suger! And that nude makeup is magical xxx

    • Thanks Liv! I’m so glad you told me to just take this this top when I was umming and ahhing! It’s been a gem.

  • Ashley Rose

    wowwww smoking hot! Absolutely love the leopard colours on you, this is one of my favs for sure! x

  • I am so in love with this outfit on you, it’s amazing and just looks perfect! I couldn’t figure out what to do for this weeks theme. My Mums suggestion to go out the backyard and take photos of me naked, uh, no. 😛

    • Thanks Nat. I thought it was going to be a bit more casual, but after seeing photos it really is quite, errr, dressy {for lack of a better word}.

      And can I just say, your MUM, what a crack up! Make sure you read her the first part about the call of nature, she seems like she’d get a kick out of that. 😉

  • flashionaffair

    I love the peplum with the long skirt, and your hair looks so sweet and sophisticated!

  • Great outfit. Very lady like hair today. Sweet with a touch of sassy.

  • I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you with your hair back. It’s stunning! How are you not doing this more often? Love it.

    I was saying to Joel last week that if he ever saw me wearing an animal print of any kind, he should go ahead and just call the police – tell them I’m being held against my will. because I’d have to be forced to put one on.

    BUT {and you must get so, so sick of hearing this from me} – that really suits you. I should hate it – but I don’t. It doesn’t look at all hooker-ish (Lol, sorry. That’s normally what leopard print says to me}. You look absolutely lovely!

    • Thank you. I wear it back a lot for work, but as soon as I walk out the door, I let it out.

      HA. Baaahaha. I know, right!? I’m pretty similar, not a big fan of the old animal prints. This top came to me as a hand me down, I tried it on and kept it more as a nod to peplum, it turns out, it was a teeny tiny nod to animal prints too. Haha. So thank you. Glad to be the anti-hooker in this case. HAHA.

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