Nothing is better or easier or more comfortable than a maxi dress. Full stop. I love them, they’re amazing. Luckily around here with a jacket they can be worn pretty much all year round. When I opened that package from Missmel {it also contained the purple dress you guys LOVED}  this black maxi was also inside. This black maxi has ended a search for the perfect casual black maxi. It’s been a hell of a search.

And nothing, NOTHING goes better with dinner with my gorgeous Hubby than a black maxi dress with a cropped denim jacket. A quick stop off at a local car park for some photos {around 5:30 such was our hankering for dinner} and we were busted by half the town. Meh. I’m at the point these days where a bit of posing and prancing for the camera in front of strangers doesn’t worry me that much. My sister in law’s mother though, that was a little embarrassing.

I also managed to somehow compress the images too far and they are a little squished. Whoops. Sorry about that. The landscape ones are still nice though. Maybe just look at those. So much for being all squeaky shiny photographer types. HA. Lies, all lies! We do try hard though. Will the yellow flowers be enough to distract you? I hope so. Enjoy!

plus size SWAK maxi dress denim jacket

plus size SWAK maxi dress denim jacket-9

plus size SWAK maxi dress denim jacket-7

plus size SWAK maxi dress denim jacket-3

plus size SWAK maxi dress denim jacket-8

plus size SWAK maxi dress denim jacket-2

plus size SWAK maxi dress denim jacket-5

Jacket – Autograph Fashion
Dress  – SWAK via Missmel {gifted}
Necklace – Handmade locally
Bracelets – Shop Me Chic Giveaway {won!}
Flip flops – Kmart


plus size SWAK maxi dress denim jacket-6

Maxi dresses are essential, yes? Discuss.



  • river

    Ta Da! I’m baaaack. I’ve stayed away because your pages take sooooo long to load, but I was recently gifted a wireless router, so connections speeds are somewhat better now and I thought I’d give you a try. It’s amazing, you loaded in less than 5 minutes. Used to be I’d go and wash the dishes while I was waiting.

    I love the dress and agree a maxi is an essential requirement for girls who wear dresses.

    And now I have a favour to ask. Do you remember the vinyl stick on blackboards that go on your fridge? I love the one you sent me and so do several of my friends. Could you please tell me where I can purchase them? I’d love to give them as gifts to my friends and family. Answer by email if you prefer.

    • Oh heeeeey River! I checked in on you on your blog a couple of times, I figured you got sick of all the outfits. Haha. Glad to hear this place loads a little faster, I’ve also been compressing the images and trying not to load up the sidebar too much.

      I picked them up at a local $2 type shop. Cheap and cheerful and all kinds of wonderful. I’d be happy to check my local for them for you if you can’t locate them. Let me know.

  • sydneyshopgirl

    My favourite dress and jacket combo too.

    SSG xxx

  • SpiikerKat

    such a great casual yet dressy look! also, I so covet your curls

    • Thank you lovely. Ahh yes, the curls. I’ve made my peace with them these days and wouldn’t trade them for the world.

  • Great to see you rocking the thongs!!!! Now that’s what I call REAL fashion!

  • river

    $2 shop?? I’ve never seen them here, but I will look. Could you check your local and let me know? I’d be happy to pay for them if you can find any.

    • Like a Wayne’s World or Crazy Clarke’s or something, do you have those? But no problem, I’ll take a look in the next couple of days. Did you have an idea of how many you’d like?

  • I love this combo!

  • You inspired me long ago to go maxi dress shopping. For that I say ‘thank you’. Loving everything about this look. The dress, jacket, accessories. All awesome.

    • I’m glad you went for it. I really do believe there’s a maxi for everyone. They’re too comfy for there not to be! Haha. And thank you, this is one of my go to favourite outfits.

  • Rocking the cas look. I know this is all about maxis but I’m loving your jacket (what is with my obsession with your jackets???). I’m pretty sure that I saw a blog post from Lisa Warren wearing this gorgeous jacket too. I so need to snaffle one. Is the jacket a recent season?

    • Thank you lovely. This jacket was later last year from Autograph but I think it’s a continuing style. It also came in white and coral when they released it. Good luck! 🙂

  • I am DESPERATE to find that jacket for me. I have several maxis now {thanks entirely to YOU} and would like to keep wearing them this autumn/faux-winter. I actually think they look far BETTER in these cooler months, paired with a cropped jacket like yours. GOT to find one for me.

    • I’ll keep an eye out for you. It absolutely extends the life of a maxi. Around here, it’s pretty much all year round. Almost. 😉