Little Black Dress week, heeeeey!? Well that I can do. Black dresses and I go together like peas and carrots. Like Champaign and New Years Eve. Like Christmas and a few extra kilos. Speaking of a few extra kilos, I would’ve sworn this dress fit perfectly before the festive season. Before a couple of weeks off the gym, before eating myself silly on all things festive treats. But you know what, ’tis the season and there is plenty of time in the new year to get back on track. Plenty of time for the gym and the pool. Plenty of time for lots of things. That’s the gift of the whole new year. For the lucky ones.

New Year is so full of promise and optimism and hope, I love that. Sparkly, shining futures all ready to be experienced. Who will you be this year that is so different from who you were this year. What is there in store for you and what more is there out there for you? Last year I was full of hope and promise that 2012 would be my year. Our year. We had plans. Big plans. It turns out that life did too and while they were different to what we had hoped for, they were pretty darn good. I’m excited to see what is in store for me next.

The little black dress, it holds all that promise for me. the promise of New Year, the promise of parties and fun, and of family and friends. A little black dress can turn a girl missing the heck out of the beach, with half done hair and a little too much bronzer feel like a million bucks. It can incite all sorts of things, in husband type people especially. It holds all that promise, the little black dress, and so much more. So enjoy the photos and from this girl to you, Happy New Year! xo

plus size lbd with heels 001

plus size lbd with heels 002

plus size lbd with heels 007

plus size lbd with heels 008

plus size lbd with heels 004

Dress – ASOS Curve
Cuff – Unknown
Shoes – Emerson for BigW

{no brand associations currently exist}

plus size lbd with heels 009

Now head over and check out the others in their LBD. Woot woo! wide-01


  • Mele

    REALLY loving your hair colour and how your shoes and the hair just compliment the dress in a casually “yeah I’m this cool, I don’t need to try hard” kinda way….Pretty much the makeup is flawless too. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! Waiting for the silly season to be over so I can come to my senses and handle my EATING 😉 yahooooo Tis’ the season to be jolly right?

    • Thanks Mele. Me too actually! A nice change. Haha. LOVE this comment. Way cool obviously. 😛

      Ahh yes, bring it on, feeling a tad ick of late and it can only be all the processed and sugary foods. Yuck. Check out my belly, I’m SUPER jolly right now. Haha.

  • I love this dress on you. Thanks for sharing your life in 2012. Here’s to more fun on the internets in 2013. xx

    • Thank you lovely. You are SO welcome. Here’s to waaaay more fun on the internets. xox

  • Samara from Samara’s Style

    Great dress, I love the detailing on the shoulders and near the waist. Chic.

  • I’ve loved your Aussie Curves posts this year. LOVED. And I’m loving the lighter colour of your hair. I’ve actually done mine – it’s lighter than it’s been since high school. I’ve been dark brown for so long now, I’m actually closer to my natural colour now (though it’s from a box,lol). I feel lighter. I love catching glimpses of the colour. It’s not dissimilar to yours.

    Here’s to a fantastic 2013. Hoping that ALL of your dreams come true.

    • Thank you Melissa. I’m glad you enjoyed them. I know I had a great time doing them.

      thank you, back to my blonde roots and loving it. There is a lightness to it for me too. Like a revelation of me. I can’t wait to see a piccie of yours. I’m finding it hard to imagine it lighter, you’re such a brunette in my brain.

      Happy NY lovely. For you too. xox

  • Jocelyn ~ Mama’s Style

    check out those fab legs! a gorgeous look this week.

  • You sure know how to rock a little black dress.

    Hope 2013 is another awesome year for you.

  • 2 Many Cupcakes

    OMG look at your sexy, tanned legs!!! Amazing. I really love the shoes in particular.

    • Haha. And I wore loads of sunscreen the whole time {my shoulders did get burnt once inspite of that}, I’m as shocked as you are. Haha. Thanks Nic. xo

  • these are some awesome shots – Kel again?? 1. love the dress 2. love the hair 3. love the shoes and 4. LOVE THE GIRLS.

    • Yup Kel. And we are experimenting on some of the settings, so even though we got some blurry ones, we got some good ones too! Love, love, love, love! Haha.

  • Va va va voooom! Smoking hot! I’m loving the dress and lighter locks!

    • Thanks Nat. Me too. Feel like myself again, if that makes sense. Like the me who full of dreams packed up a caravan and moved to the beach to go to uni. I think that shows up.

  • Danimezza

    You look so bronzed and lovely 😀 Happy New Year gorgeous!

    • I did end up bronzed, that’s for sure. A week at the beach from 8am – noon everyday will do that to a girl. Thank you. you too! Here’s to an amazing 2013!!

  • Such a simple outfit but with real impact.. you look SMOKIN HOT 🙂

    • Yup. No accessories, even the nude lipstick tones the whole thing down. Then there’s this WOW LBD and a mane of hair. Easy glamour, I think.

  • neysha ann

    i love it. simple, classy, sexy. just stunning. and may i say your skin is just amazing and i am so jelly xx

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