Leggings. I never wear them. Don’t own any. Horrible horrific things you’d never catch me dead in… Oh wait. Whoops. I wear them almost daily in winter and under any skirt that’s a wee bit too short. Love, love them. But rather than my usual cardigan, dress, leggings and knee-high boots combo I decided to show you one of my favourite dressy looks. Given a little va-va-voom a few weeks go by this fabulous yellow necklace.

Messy hair and smudgy dark eye make-up is essential. The bigger the hair, the better for this look, absolutely. Then add a slightly too short tunic for the woot woo effect, black tights and booties. The addition of the necklace in such a contrasting colour is something I’m experimenting with. Normally I would add a cardigan or something if the weather was cooler, but already in Queensland I can get away with sleeveless as long as you aren’t spending too much time outside. Gosh I love living here. Especially in the Spring/Autumn months when the skies are BLUE and the days warm. It’s heaven.

Tunic – Autograph

Wilderness Necklace – TS14 Plus

Leggings – Avella for Big W

Boots – Autograph

{some brand associations exist, please refer to my disclosure policy}

Now pop over and check out the other ladies who are playing along.

  • MalefactorClean50
  • sydneyshopgirl

    I LOVE that colour scheme on you, M!

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks SSG. The adding of colours is a new thing for me. MUST quit black on black on black!

  • You look so Hott today Mel. Like a Sunriiise!!

  • Firstly…if I ever see you in public wearing that necklace, I will steal it from you! lol. Gorgeous outfit Mel!!

  • You look #totesamaze, like for reals, like I might have to steal this whole outfit lol

  • I love that outfit! I recently got a few “statement necklaces” and am experimenting as well!

    • Thanks Rhonda! Me too. I’m still not sure about them {I’m so low fuss} but I’ll keep adding to the collection and see how I go. 😉

  • Love it, love it, love it! You gorgeous thing!

  • Bek

    Gorgeous! I love that necklace- lovely pop of colour! 🙂

  • Perfect touch with the statement yellow necklace !! xx

    • Thanks Ashley! I’m getting a bit more confident {and tolerant, I’m such a low fuss girl} with accessories.

  • Wow you look so so so so so good. I love that pop of bright yellow and your hair and make-up are amazing. Also wow sexy legs xxx

    • Thanks Hayley! The make-up was a trial done with a brand coming to a salon in town. I have to go back and find out the name, it was great and really long wearing.

      And says you, hot lady. Can’t wait to get home and comment on everyone’s posts!!

  • Gail

    Go Mel!!!!

  • You look fabulous!

  • Wowzers women hottie, hot, hot and I can tell in the second pic you know it too. X

    • Haha. Thanks Trudie. That’s my this better work face actually. The cropped photos were being difficult. But yeah, nothing like the confidence that shows up some days. 😉

  • Loving your style – that necklace looks fab – really pops against the monochromatic outfit

    • Thanks Genevieve! A last minute addition that I’m glad I made. Would have been a little dull without it.
      And just so you know, I’m about the happiest kid in the world that I found your blog.

  • Like sex on a stick!!! And that hair is magical xx

    • Well thank you muchly. And yes! The hair really has come along nicely. My roots need doing soon but it’s so low maintenance, I LOVE it.

  • Love that top!!! I wear leggings all the time, I love my legs, so try and show them off (everything else I try and hide ;))

    • Thanks Mrs K! Leggings really are the best. So easy. And I certainly believe in playing to your strengths. Whip those legs out lady. 😛

  • 2 Many Cupcakes

    You look like sex! In a good way. I love the yellow on that necklace against the black. Woo Hoo!

  • Looking very edgy and fabulous. Loooooving the pop of colour over your awesome slightly too short tunic. Sexy as hell.

    • Naaaw, thanks Jeanie. The yellow just adds something, for sure. Too short tunic indeed. 😀

  • Amy

    I love this out! VaVaVoom indeed.

  • Tabitha

    You are looking fab Ms Suger! Loving your pop of colour 😉 x

    • Thanks Tab. And yes, jinx! I almost grabbed myself one of those bags too. I think I might just do that… 😉

  • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle

    Nice! Love the necklace!

  • I was looking at this outfit, and I was thinking “Oh, I have a tunic like that, but wait, mine is longer, i’m sure it’s not that short”. Then I remembered you are just a teensy bit taller then I am! LOVE the yellow pop of colour with the outfit.

    • Haha. 5″11 baby. Hence my butt’s almost hanging out.

      And thanks, I’m trying out some new things. Yellow is one of them. Necklaces is another.

  • You look awesome. I love the way you styled this outfit. The yellow necklace is such a great accessory!

    • Thanks so much Kirstin. It’s SUCH a great accessory. They have it in purple too which I might just HAVE to get. 😉

  • the print on that tunic/dress is awesome, I love it, and the yellow necklace elevates the whole outfit.

    • Thanks Omega. It’s a piece that always get noticed. The necklace too actually.

  • I love the whole outfit – especially the POP of yellow! That is an awesome neck pretty (I think I’d better go find me some yellow beads now!). You look gorgeous, as always 🙂

    • Thank you Meegan. You’re too kind to me.
      The pop of yellow really does something special, right?