I have to say that I am a little smug today as I show off my knit photos for this week’s Aussie Curves post. Photos taken in our house, post a movie is a little bit damaging to hubby’s new extraordinary photographer ego. HA. The light’s not great, I’ve tried to correct the colours and they aren’t the sharpest photos on the block, but I think you’ll still get the drift. Hot pink sweater. New black harem style soft twill pants and the good old seen them a billion times wedges. So chuckle with me a little, would you, while I prance and smirk for the camera a little.

I decided to try on some of these pants the other day. Assuming they would be the most unflattering things on the planet, I was curious more than anything. Sort of baggy shaped, gathered at the mid calf with pockets on the hips. Not usually something I’d go for. I have narrow hips and Viking calves, I usually avoid all the things above in order to accentuate the good and downplay the bad. but somehow, against all reason these pants work. I can’t wait to wear them with my TopShop neon heels and a tank top to hit the town. Be surprised people, try something new. You never know.

I picked up this cute necklace from sports girl at the airport on my way home from Melbourne. It was 20% off and look great with the added bit of length my extender provides. It’s just as good shorter, so that’s a win. More and more I find myself eyeing of necklaces and quirky little additions for my outfits. with a wardrobe jam-packed full of basics and not so basics accessories feels like the next step. Of course. I look for them every where. Especially if they’re on sale. I think you guys would be proud. I’m now a keen, but still a bit minimal, accessories’er!

Pink Neon Jumper – ASOS Curve {sold out}

Necklace – Sports Girl

Black Soft Twill Pants – Autograph

Black Wedges – K Mart

{some brand associations exist, please see my disclosure policy}

How great it neon pink? Seriously.

  • Spunk!

  • neysha machnig

    gorgeous as always 🙂 xx

  • Ashley rose

    I really love this outfit! Necklace totally makes it! xx

  • Cherie

    Neon pink is mega cute on YOU Suger 😉

  • I am loving that colour on you! I’m not usually a fan of simple style accessories, but that necklace totally works. If you described those pants to me I would’ve screwed my nose up LOL… however, my point is, you’re totally rockin em. Great outfit. Love your knits.

    • Thanks Jeanie. You! Not a fan of simple accessories! HA. Neeeever. *end sarcasm font* I know right!? About the pants, me too! Thank you muchly, they were such a surprise package. Loving them.

  • Oh I would never have tried those pants – but they’re awesome on you! and yes, neon pink rules xx

  • Kakka

    I love that first pic of you Melissa, you are glowing with happiness. xxx

  • Anita

    that necklace is adorable! i have been looking for one like that for so long, i didnt even know it existed, i had this outfit on and i thought “i’d love a big metal triangle necklace with this outfit” so it blew my mind to see you wearing what I thought I had dreamed up! haha i love it! the pants look amazing you! 🙂


    • Thank you.

      A DREAM necklace! I knew it was good, but that’s a bit special indeed. Get thee to Sports Girl lady. Dreams do come true. 😉

  • Mele Falala

    in love with your chain. LIKE for real!!!! and I’m digging the whole look. Clean and simple 😀

    • Yes, it was a GREAT find. thank you. You have no idea what an inspiration you guys have been for me. Off to the op shop tomorrow to find me some clashing prints for next week. Wish me luck! 😉

  • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle

    Looking great as always! I don’t own a single neon thing…. you’re selling it though!!!

  • Oh you spunky thing! One day when I’m down to your size I’m totally hitting you up to borrow this whole look!