Oh heeeeey homemade week, nice to meet you! Let’s face it, I’m not really a sew your own kinda girl. I’ve tried in the past, even purchased multiple bundles of supplies and set about cutting and pinning and shaping and laying out. Then I realised that sewing stuff is hard and that I’m not a very patient person at all. Especially because I require Hubby to re-thread the stupid sewing machine needle if it breaks so the whole process is rather lengthy. And annoying.

I still hold out hope that one day the curtain will lift and it will make perfect sense to me. Fingers crossed.

Until then the best I can do is print out an iron on transfer and attempt not to burn myself {again} as I iron it on. And given that I was feeling rather charitable I asked Liv if she had a plan for homemade week offering her a t-shirt of her very own. A plan was hatched. I was visiting her this weekend gone and we would go matchy matchy twin style posts. But as it usually happens we go distracted {in her wardrobe} and didn’t get around to taking the pictures.

So we did the photos separately with our matched outfits. We really would have looked funny prancing around the park up the road from Liv’s in matching outfits, I think. Funny though, I’m sure, with us both posing up a storm and trying to keep a straight face. But oh well, there will be another time, I’m sure. Check out my blazer/tee/skinny pants twin Liv over at Wait Until the Sunset {or her link is in the linky party below!}.

plus size blogger t-shirt aussie curves-9 plus size blogger t-shirt aussie curves-5 plus size blogger t-shirt aussie curves-11 plus size blogger t-shirt aussie curves-2

I wonder sometimes what it would be like to live in Brisbane near Liv and get to swap clothes, hang out and talk blogs and create outfits all the time. I think about it sometimes in the same way I considered moving outside of Sydney after spending a week with Dani last year. I wonder sometimes if I have things backwards planning to move my life just to be near friends. Or whether that’s as good of a reason as any? Whatever the answer to that, sometimes it’s nice to daydream.

But that said I’m lucky to have recently found a friend here in Gympie who blogs and loves all things plus fashion too {Hi Desiree!}. She’s also got some major beauty skills, make-up know how and recent hair poofing qualifications so she’s going to overhaul my lazy attitude to all such things. Or so she says. I am pretty stubborn, so we’ll see. But thank goodness for that, for her, otherwise perhaps I would have had to move. And I really don’t want to. I love my little town and all it offers. After all, I’m a twosome, what the heck would my country mouse Hubby ever do with himself in the city?

plus size blogger t-shirt aussie curves-6plus size blogger t-shirt aussie curves-8plus size blogger t-shirt aussie curves-12 plus size blogger t-shirt aussie curves-3

Blazer – Virtu {2012}
Tee – Made by Me! Sort of.
Pants – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Wedges – Emerson for BigW
Bag – Target {gifted}


plus size blogger t-shirt aussie curves-7

What’s the last thing you wore that you made?
Check out the other ladies & their impressive SKILLZ below.  



  • SpiikerKat

    that T shirt is amazing! cutest transfer ever! so cute you guys matched haha

  • Gi Csome

    Such a basic outfit and it looks so great on you Suger!! Lovely transfer on the t-shirt. Iยดm starting my own blog next week so if you ever consider moving to Buenos Aires, youยดll find a blogger friend here too!

    • Thank you Gi. And it sounds lovely, I’ll be sure to visit one day. I need to get out more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    I used to sew occasionally. I went to a high school where they made the girls do sewing and cooking (the dark ages – I know!). And I learned some basics. The best thing about sewing is being able to make an outfit out of almost nothing. But for some years there has been no point for me, for a variety of reasons, but sewing is hardly worth the effort when you are not that good at it. I can’t make the sort of outfits I want to wear. I have a couple of friends who are creative enough to own sewing machines and buy fabric and even they hardly wear outfits that they have made themselves. Maybe when the zombie apocalypse comes I will be forced to take up sewing again but until then…

    • Haha. I know, right?! Old school. HAHA. Damn those zombies forcing you to sew. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Amy Freshfield

    I made myself a voluminous maxi skirt to wear to a costume party a fortnight ago ( I went as a gypsy! ) and a lined maxi skirt that I wore all last summer. It will definitely be on high rotation this summer too but I’ve bought two dress patterns that I’m really looking forward to trying out. A bunch more sewing to do for my little girl first though! Also – do you have a link to wear you made the transfer? I’d love to do something for my son this year ( he dually misses out ) and a personalised shirt would be great!

    • Ooooo very cool! Great work you. Thank you! The transfers are from Avery. The brand/packet etc are on the Facebook page for you if you wanted to see the packaging etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Norlin Mustapha

    That’s a pretty cute tee, hmm…maybe I should have one made for myself too…a different one? What have I worn that I’ve made? I’ve made a denim skirt that I loved to death…yeah..it’s sort of “dead” now because there’s a rip towards the bottom split. I need to fix that – soonish? Wore a fascinator (sort of) that I made as well because I just couldn’t wrap my head around paying for something that actually shouldn’t cost that much, and I think that’s it?

    • Go for it. It’s lots of fun and all you really need is a printer and an iron. Easy peasy. And sorry ot hear your homemade skirt died. I bet it was loved.

  • Martina Hart

    Love the glasses on your transfer. They are very much like the glasses I just bought. Cute idea.

  • BlondieInk

    Such an awesome idea! The whole outfit looks fab! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Trudie Bristow

    I’ve been meaning to track down this post and get up to speed with the deal with shirt. I friggin’ love it, perfect, so you, very blogger cool I say lol.

    • Haha. thank you muchly! I have to make Dani a teeny tiny version, I’ll add you to the list! ๐Ÿ˜‰