For a really long time {okay, a few years} I wore my hair a golden shade of copper which pretty much ruled out wearing green at all, surprisingly. Clearly my faux red headed’ness was evident to the colour gods. Because of this I just don’t own much green at all. Luckily I realised when looking for something to wear yesterday that mint green is green and hey presto here we are.

Why mint green didn’t occur to me a while ago is beyond me. Oh well.

And since I was just hanging out recovering from a fun bonfire night with the fam, I went for comfortable. Thank goodness these jeans fit a little looser than they used to because that makes them comfy Sunday attire. I can’t wait though until someone on Pinterst tells me I should have gone up a size in the shirt. Such helpful little cherubs they are. Last week someone told me skinny jeans are for skinny woman.

Hello delete comment.

Load of bull.

But like they say, you get that on a big jobs. You can’t put yourself out there without someone feeling the need to share their issues with you. Why they feel the need to share every thought they’ve ever had with the world is beyond me. But whatever. I’ve always said that people like that are just angry that they believed ‘them’ when they were told that unless you are perfect you’re unworthy of living. Perfect is overrated people. Remember that.

A weird little intro to green week, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Enjoy!

denim on denim mint jeans plus size-4

denim on denim mint jeans plus size-7

denim on denim mint jeans plus size-6

denim on denim mint jeans plus size-8

denim on denim mint jeans plus size

denim on denim mint jeans plus size-5

Shirt – New Look
Jeans – Virtu {similar – gifted}
Sneakers – Converse
Sunglasses – Swapped


denim on denim mint jeans plus size-9



  • Double Denim Fashion Police here: the light shirt and mint jeans are sanctioned – they can be worn together. LOL – looking nice and relaxed Suger…

  • Bek

    You look great- lovely and casual. Mint green is a great colour. 🙂

  • hello_owl

    Love this look. Its perfect for autumn. I have been eying off a similar shirt in Sussan but I have put myself on a shopping ban. I would however like you to loose another button and show off those boobs and I’m totally missing the thongs :p

    • It is. Comfy and yet cosy enough. Of COURSE you want more boobs. You’re obsessed with boobs. I was a little concerned that if I left the second button to do all the work it would just pop open. And that’s a little TOO much boob. Haha. And the thongs, well we’ve already had our first frost of the year. It’s too cold. Mostly. 😉

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    I don’t think I could wear mint green. I am scarred from being a teenager in the 80s and find I can no longer even consider pastels of any shade. I have a really great green tunic that I bought at My Size years ago and when I wear it people always comment on the intensity of the colour. Like they squeezed shamrocks to make it – it’s a really green, green.

    • Haha. My sister, born 89 was always dressed head to toe in mint green as a newborn. It was a neutral sex thing but I think my mother had a thing for the colour. Haha.

      Like they squeezed shamrocks. HA! Love it.

  • SpiikerKat

    Great casual look, The chambray and mint go together really well 🙂

    • Thank you lovely. I absolutely think so too. This shirt goes with almost everything.

  • Sparkles and Lace

    Looks great!! You can wear those pants like nobody’s business! I wish i was that brave!

    • Thank you. And I don’t know about brave. Maybe couldn’t give a hoot is more like it. 😉

  • Such a cute, casual outfit!

  • You look super cute! You know, I would never have thought to wear mint green this week, just like khaki, sometimes it doesn’t click in my head that there are quite a few different shades of green!

    • Thank you Nat. And yes, I have no idea why I was racking my brains for a bright green when I have a few items in other shades. Haha. Oh well. Next time.

  • flashionaffair

    Your hair is looking amazing, I love the lighting in this and the colour of those jeans are nice!

    • Thank you. How funny is it being blown against the back of my head in these pics, it’s like a big poof of curls. Haha. These jeans took THE LONGEST time to find, then hey presto there they were in Virtu. Love that.

  • Siki-Lou

    Suger…YOU’RE THE BEST!!! 🙂 The colour of those jeans is so delish, you’re rocking your Converse but best of all for me this week…your fabulous BIG hair!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! 🙂

    • Thank you gorgeous. And yes, the big hair! HA. That’s what happens when my pony tail blows against the back of my head. Hello 80’s moment.

  • Niki Moss

    You look awesome! Luv those jeans!