Dark is the theme this week. Dark is so open to interpretation and I love that. At first, I’d planned an all black outfit. This black dress, wedges and some dark make-up. Then bit by bit an outfit came together with items I was ;collecting ;from Dani’s house. The blouse, the shoes {oh my goodness, the shoes!} and finally the loaner necklace that just made it pretty much perfect. Hey presto I have an outfit. Taa dah.

It was late and we were prancing about in dark places taking our photos. Mine were taken in a train station and you’ll just have to pop over and check out Dani’s AMAZING photos to see where her’s were taken. They’re pretty darn awesome. Being all dressed up with nowhere really to go, we hit the MacDonalds Drive Thru. You know, as you do. I even ended up digging through the boot of my car for 5c’s trying not to flash the other cars. But THAT is a story for another time. Probably. Are you interested in drive thru stories?

Can we talk about the fact that a few months ago I was all edgy about ;wearing ;this dress? Edgy about flashing people with my un-ladylike tendency to not keep my knees closed and just a little bit weird about it feeling SO short. I don’t know if it is the billion squats, all the time at the gym or the who cares attitude I’m developing lately, but I LOVE this dress now. I’ve worn it twice since taking these photos. What a difference a few months of outfit photos makes, right?

Looking at it, it doesn’t even look that short.

But you should see me try and bend over in it.

Actually. Forget I said that. Awkward.

Let’s talk about the Virtu blouse for a minute. How gorgeous is it!? It’s a light with a silken feel and button up so it can be worn open or buttoned up. Keep in mind if you’re ordering this one online that the arms are a narrower fit than previous similar blouses. This one is a size 20 and fits nicely. Use me as a guide and figure that out for you in regards to arms. If you need me to show you my guns, I’m happy to. HA.

Shift Dress – ASOS Curve
Blouse – Virtu {gifted}
Necklace – Wild Bling
Shoes – Torrid

{some brand association exist, see my disclosure policy}

Let’s check out the other ladies dark side.

  • That blouse is gorgeous! I’m super super in love with it, as I am with that necklace, SO PRETTY! I think you look fab in that dress, I think after awhile you get a little more used to wearing shorter dresses and you learn how to bend over and do things more ‘ladylike’. 😛

    • Thank you lovely. HAHA. You’re probably right. Practice makes perfect. Haha. The blouse and necklace are all kinds of beautiful, I agree.

  • Look at you, looking all hottie, hottie love it everything….perfection.
    And hell yes we want to hear drive thru stories, the funniest things always happen in the drive thru at least to hubby and I anyway.

    • Haha. Well thank you muchly.
      Okay, I’ll have to see if I can remember why I thought it was so funny! Memory has dimmed a little. I do know that they NEEDED me to pay an extra 5c for something after shutting their ice-cream machine down for cleaning… Hmm.

  • You rock that dress! Look forward to hearing your tales of the drive thru 🙂

  • Awesome 🙂

  • Ashley Rose

    FABULOUS! Love those shoes , think i have seen them somewhere but they didnt have my size, nothing unusual there! And even though im pretty sure that necklace will be sold out.. im still going to go over and check lol x

    • Thank you. I’m an 11 too, but these are a large 10. I think it is now, naaaw, but worth a look at similar pieces or if they’ve restocked. 😉

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the colours in your overshirt and that necklace.

    • Thank you Lisa. The colours just give it something special. Funny that I added so many on dark week.

  • the colour combinations in this are really lovely, and I adore that necklace!

  • Jem

    You look amazing! Just thought you should know!! 😉 from a long time reader but infrequent commenter.

  • Nope, the dress isn’t short at all! Perfect length and I loved how you’ve mixed the black (dark) dress with some colours!! 🙂

  • flashionfashion blog

    The dress looks fantastic on you! I really love that necklace too!

  • I am going to find out where you live and sneak into your house and STEAL THAT NECKLACE AND THAT SHIRT! Beware.

    • Haha. for the necklace, you’ll need to break into Dani’s house. My attempts to bring it home with me were unsuccessful. The shirt, well, I’ll keep it tucked under my pillow just in case. 😉

  • Mele

    yes yes yes! Keep doing that Suger. Dress looks fab on you! I was like you always so shy to bare the leg now I only cover them in winter. I squatted my ass off today and so I know how you feel. Wear those legs girl! (LOL the clothes don’t hurt either!)

    • Thaaaaaanks lovely! Squats are THE devil. But oh so good too. Haha. Wear those legs! Wear those legs! LOVE that. What a fun phrase. Pinchin’ it.

  • That necklace. and that top. Were made for each other.
    Loving the confidence you’re rockin.

  • Siki-Lou

    SUGER!! looooove the length on you, add the pop of colour, heels, and nails…BOOM! smashed it!! 🙂

  • Martina Hart

    Those legs! That dress! Those shoes! Loving this look on you

  • I love this – the whole ensemble 🙂 Now I have to come back here to check out the others in your challenge! I have a drive-thru story for you: Circa 1996, when my Myndie was just a puppy, we went to go through a drive-through – I believe it was McDonald’s … eagerly anticipating her hamburger, she was sitting on my lap and – yeahhh — when the worker came to the window & said, “Oh! What a cuuuute puppy!” — Myndie climbed in! She got her head, shoulders, and first two legs all the way in before we could stop her ;)~~~~

    • Thank you Jeannee, glad you enjoyed checking out the other posts too. It’s an awesome group of girls that join in. And by girls I mean women of course. Haha.

      GREAT drive thru story. Excellent!

  • Corinne Mansour

    You look great! I NEED those shoes but can’t find them 🙁 did you get them recently?? I really want a pair!!!

    • Thanks Corinne. I bought them from a friend but they were from Torrid a little while back. Good luck! 🙂

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