My my my what a challenge THIS turns out to be. I’ve replicated Khloe‘s style previously, Rachel‘s too. Then there was the accidental Miranda copy. So I was fresh out of ideas and with zero inspiration I turned to Pinterest. Of course. Who would it be this time. What look would I attempt to replicate. I looked at Gwenyth, Miranda {that’s how I discovered our matchy matchy look}, Sienna and Kate. Then a teeny tiny pixie cut blonde got my attention.

Michelle Williams.

There were SO many great outfits. Dozens and dozens. But none that I could replicate without doing a bit of shopping. So in the end I took my cues from the outfit below and went from there. With stripes instead of dots, of course. I’m firmly team stripes. And it seemed like the perfect occasion to bust out my new season Harlow pants. Look. The short version is that it’s a loose interpretation but that’s what I do best. After all sifting through Pinterest for outfit ideas is something I do I the time.


plus size monochrome outfit aussie curves-3 plus size monochrome outfit aussie curves-8 plus size monochrome outfit aussie curves-5

Now about the pants. I was sent the size 22 {my normal size} and they fit well to start, within 20 minutes of wear they had given and were quite baggy. I went home and got changed because I figured I’m not going to keep them. My hot tip would be to size down at least one size especially if you are narrow in the hips/leg and let the material give around you.

I spoke to Kerry from Harlow and she said it’s the cotton/sateen fabric. So cool to look at, apparently pretty keen on the whole stretch thing. Haha. A shame since it’s SUCH an amazing pant. The cut and style is awesome. So up my alley it’s not funny. I’ll keep you posted on this one as I plan to try the 20 and maybe even the 18. Do you own them? How did you go?

plus size monochrome outfit aussie curves-6 plus size monochrome outfit aussie curves-4

Necklace – Op-shop
Sunglasses – Big W

Stripe Swing Singlet Top – ASOS Curve {size UK24}
Rock me Amadeus Skinny Leg Pants – Harlow Australia {gifted – size AU22}
Shoes – Emerson for BigW {old stock}


plus size monochrome outfit aussie curves-7

aussieoutfit-01 disclaimer_aussiecurves11

  • Love your style! Nailed it! 🙂

  • Love those pants! Too bad about the fabric. Hope the smaller size works better for you ´cause you look great on them.

    I´m having a lot of fun seeing all you ladies work the Celebrity Copycat Week. Years ago, I used to spend hours going through the archives of a blog called Fashion under $100 (now it´s called What the Frock). It was my Pinterest before Pinterest. I remember keeping a notebook at my desk with outfits I´d copy from celebrities. Once I took a final wearing an outfit I copycat from Sophia Bush -she looked so confident in the photo with that look that it made me feel part of that confidence when I most needed it.

    • Thank you muchly. I’ve got the smaller sizes in my hot little hands and will let you guys know.

      It is fun, right!? I’m always looking for fashion inspiration everywhere, much like you, on Pinterest and keeping notes etc. It’s the most fun and the such a great source of outfit ideas.

  • I love this look Melissa, how awesome are those pants, 🙁 alsas not for me if sizing like that, no narrow hips here lol

    • Thank you. I love it too. Casual and cool considering I’m wearing long pants and it’s HOT here. The light fabric of the top worked wonders.

      Whoops I just meant if you had narrow hips you could probably go down two sizes. Sorry! confusing.

  • Sarah

    I have a pair of red cropped pants from Target in almost the exact same fabric and a similar print, and they do the same baggy thing! Soo annoying, as soon as i bend over or sit down it’s like they’re two sizes too big, haha. I really like them so i end up rolling the top down under my shirt and trying to ignore the bagginess in the thigh area 😛

    • Sounds like a plan Sarah. I’ll be sure to make an attempt at something similar if there’s still issues in the smaller sizes. Haha. Bagginess around the thigh is something I deal with regularly.

  • SpijkerKat

    I love how you took Michelle’s style and “sugerfied” it with stripes! looking fab lady xx

    • Thank you lovely lady! I was wondering if there might be a boycott because it wasn’t a full copy… But thought meh, they’ll get it. I’m a stripes girl. 😉

  • Looove this! Simple chic!

    • Thank you! There’s something about monochrome with stripes that is so simple and wonderful.

  • This is such a fab look on you! I love the print on those trousers

  • That top is awesome. I couldn’t remember who gave me the idea to go to Pinterest, but now going through the blog hop, I remembered it was you. So thank you! Saved me some anguish there.

    • It really is! SO easy to wear and looks fab. Thanks! And you’re welcome. Sorry to drag you into the pit of no return. The pit of AWESOME though. 😉

  • This looks gorgeous on you I love your make up and hair in this outfit too! Beautiful beautiful lady!

    • Thaaaaaank you! I actually did my makeup for once, properly, with lips. Since Desiree did my makeup for the eBook cover I’m been trying to make a bit more of an effort. Not that I don’t still love the whole bronzer and nude gloss look. It’ll always be my favourite.

  • MahinaWhiu

    Ok so I’ve just been nosying through your outfit gallery and I spotted this… Whoa lady! I love this outfit on you! I have that top and even before my other half dyed the white stripes pink, it never looked this good on me! Thank you for your inspiration. I follow your Instagram and blog. Its been a really big deal to me to surround myself with all sorts of female role models, to help me to remember that awesome ladies aren’t just the ones plastered all over main stream magazines and bill board. Thank you so much for being out there and proud and you xxx

    • Thank you muchly! It’s a bit of an odd shape. You can probably tell I had been wearing it tucked in. Whatever I have to do to make it work, right? Haha. And thank you, I appreciate that. It really is important for woman, young and old, to have someone they can relate to. Magazines should never have been put in charge of delivering role model’esque content. What a disaster. 😉