It turns out that bright nails are my thing these days. Lots of colours and changed often. So this week’s Aussie Curves challenge was right up my ally. But how to decide between my current favs, Revlon Sweet Tart and Rimmel’s Lively Lavender. I decided not to. I decided to just wear one hand of lavender and one of pink. And what better to pair these pastel lovelies then with some mint green.

Mmmm, mint green. Where have you been all my life.

Around actually, now that you mention it. My sister, who is six and half years younger than I am. When my Mum was expecting her they set up the nursery with crisp white and the always lovely mint green. My sister was born and covered in mint green for the next few months. It makes me think of her. I associate it with being sweet, and beautiful, and perfect. Which until the middle of the night crying started she absolutely was. Ha.

Now this outfit has its challenges. Being a body con skirt it’s rather flattering with a shirt tucked into it. The buttons on the Lily & Lou top pull a little around my boobs. But together they make a fab combo and I’m all kinds of in love with it. Perhaps a long line blazer would work to smooth over the lumps and bumps and give me the streamline look I love.

Or maybe I’ll just get brave and wear it anyway.  You never know.

Top – Lily & Lou

Skirt – ASOS Curve

Heels – Big W

 Polish – Rimmel {Lavender} & Revlon {Pink}

{no brand associations exist at this time}

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  • ObambulateJoint3
  • You look fantastic in this outfit lady!!

    • Thanks T. We’ll have to catch up for lunch again soon before that boy of yours is off to school or something. 😛

  • Jeanie

    Loving minty green and black. Are your shoes wedges? They’re gorgeous. Loving your outfit!

    • They aren’t wedges but gosh, I’ve been looking everywhere for some like the ones Dani got from Payless overseas. Thanks Jeanie. LOVING the mint this season and yay, it’s everywhere!

  • You’re so cute! Mint suits you x

  • Amy

    I love, love, love this outfit. Mint green suits you to a tee. It’s good you can wear it with such strong memories of your sister. There are some sisters at my church who, growing up, their mother used to dress the elder in blue and the younger in red (almost constantly- made figuring out what belonged to who easier). Even now, all grown up and in their late 40’s, they still can’t wear each others colour!

    • Thanks Amy! Lucky because I’m loving it. Haha.

      I love that story about the colours. I grew up with twin girls who also were dressed in either pink or blue. They went the other way and insist on never wearing that colour now!

  • Bek

    Oooh I love the mint top! Looks so great with the skirt. I think that’s the Asos Curve skirt I’ve been considering- you’re making me almost buy it! 🙂 Love the diff colour hands- great idea.

    • Thanks Bek! How cool is MINT!? And I just couldn’t decide which colour. Of course I just didn’t. 😉

      It is the ASOS Curve skirt that’s only about $30 or something. I love it. I have a couple of them actually plus the bodycon dresses as layering pieces.

  • Woot woot! Looking good!

  • Lol I have this top! And nearly wore it for this post lol! Love everything about this outfit!

    • Haha. Great minds think alike. I really want a white one with the black, do you know of anywhere that has that?

      Love you. Visit soon? I’m thirsty for wine! Haha.

  • I love mint green too, in my post as part of this weeks challenge I’m wearing mint green brogues, mint is really the bestest. Is Lily & Lou Best & Less? I must find that top xoxo

    • I saw those in my quick whip around, They’re wonderful! And yes, that’s the Best & Less plus rangef rom what I can tell. Some cute stuff at the moment.

  • Tabitha

    You. Look. HOT. That is all! xx

  • This entire outfit is fabulous!

  • Megan Ross

    What a great outfit – you look fantastic! Always loved mint green, and particularly loving those heels.

    • Thank you Megan. 🙂

      I’ve been looking everywhere for new black heels that have a wider but still high heel for events where I’m not sure of the surface and skinnier heels can be dangerous. These are THE BEST. But a size smaller then I would normally wear so I’m squishing them a little. Haha. And the mint green I love, no question.

  • Ok, first off I love that we have done the same facial expression! Second, you look HOT in that outfit and third, I LOVE the colour of that top!!

  • river

    It is a lovely colour, summery and cool.

  • I LOVE this outfit! I really want that top, but golly does it look good on you!

    • Thanks Nat! It’s gorgeous on. Very soft and light. Cannot WAIT for spring!

  • Just wear it! You look gorgeous. That shade of blue really suits you.

  • I so don’t do pastels but they look brilliant on you!

    • Thanks Omega. This is the first season since the nineties I’ve even considered pastels. Let me tell you! Haha.

  • Susie Eichel

    Found your blog via the nail challenge blog hop. Love your pencil skirt! I feel my legs are too short to pull off that look. 🙁

    • Hi Susie! Welcome. Thanks, it’s the ASOS jersey one. It’s so easy to wear. You’re legs are never too short, try some heels or wearing it high waisted to elongate the longs. For my height, I have really short legs {long torso} so I feel your pain. 🙂