Aussie Curves is an all new post series where Aussie plus size bloggers are coming together to show off a range of outfits from the one prompt. Our international friends have been doing similar things for a while. Working together for their benefit and the benefit of their readers. After all, if you want to wear boots one post is good, half a dozen posts are better! Right?

Aussies unite!

I almost didn’t play along this week because I thought you guys might be sick of seeing my old favourite boots week after week. These Autograph boots have served me well for almost two full seasons now of hard-core wear. I love them. So when the current season stock was being sold out for $49, I jumped and picked myself up a back up pair. Wide calf boots for everyone! {Be fast, stock is low and all sizes not available}. Anyway, where was I…

So today when I woke up, I thought what the heck, I’ll get some photos and play along. So I put on my outfit of the day and put my camera, remote and tripod in my car. It turns out that even though it’s in full sun, the place I park my car has loads of cool spots for photos. So I took some. Prancing and posing on the roof top car park like a loony. You’re welcome. Hard work apparently because there wasn’t a smile in this whole set of photos.

What’s the matter Suger? Sun in your eyes?

So here are the pics. And how fabulous, if I do say so myself is the Rebecca top with the stripe skirt and blue bag. I love when stuff just works. Speaking of work, this outfit might have pushed the boundaries a little. One of my colleagues commented on my top today saying, it’s a bit bright for the dress code, isn’t it? She was absolutely right, of course. But sometimes you’ve got to be a little bad. And now, more photos..!

Cardigan – Autograph

Rebecca Tee – Virtu

Stripe Skirt – Virtu

Boots – Autograph

Bag – Guess

{Some brand relationships apply, please refer to my disclosure policy for information}

For more about the challenge visit Danimezza’s post. She will explain the whole lot there.

  • Kaz

    I got the wedge heel boots on Friday for 1/2 price too. I wore them yesterday and love them. I bought both black and brown knee hi flats last year and have lived in them. Luckily winter is cold here so I get to wear them for 6 months. Think I still have a couple of months of cold weather to get plenty of use out of them.

    • The boots really are great value. Mine are showing some wear on the sole where I roll my foot outwards but that’s it. I’m very happy with them.

      Yay for the sales!!

  • lady, you are looking FABULOUS. I love your top. And your skirt. And the healthy business must be working because you look just so great. 🙂 and I say poo to office colours-you are rocking the colour combo. x Tash

    • Well thank you muchly. Feeling pretty darn wonderful too. Poo to the office indeed. Haha.

  • T for Tabitha

    Love the colour of your top!

  • Loving the outfit and colour. Maybe a long black necklace (like the one in my avatar) would break up the colour. You’re just too much for others to handle lol. Great boots!

    • Thanks Jeanie. Way too much! Ha. You’ll notice as you get to know me more, I’m really not a necklace/earrings and extras kind of girl. I try hard, but I take them off usually. Haha. Must build my collection at least, you know, just in case.

  • I am so in love with the colour of that top!! It looks so good with the stripes.

    • Thanks Nat! Notice it made its way onto the blog too? I’m a bit obsessed with lime green at the moment. Nails, tops and blogs. Everything!

  • Well what fabulous timing you have! I’ll pop over and check it out. 🙂

  • Sarah White

    This is a great outfit. The neon looks awesome and I love how brave you are at tackling the trends. I remember when the neon green was big in the 90’s and it was everywhere. Yes, I owned a neon green shirt. You could see me coming a mile off!

    • Thanks Sarah. I’m certainly stepping out of my comfort zone at the moment and just going for it. And it has lead to some of my favourite things. Neon being one of them! I had neon in the 90s too. Even some hypercolour neon. Haha.

  • like everyone else – loving that coloured top………

  • Need. That. Outfit.

  • I don’t think that top is too bright for work. But then I don’t know where you work… The skirt is awesome!

    • Thanks Kathryn, it kind of is, but oh well. Haha. It is, isn’t it! Love this skirt.

  • seriously- you know how much I love these boots! Are these the small heel or the wedge? An 11 or a 10? I’m going to pick some up online now and I figure I may as well get exactly yours 🙂 x

    • I know, for sure. I’ve ordered the flats ones again because they’re just SO comfy. My ones you tried on the other night are an 11. I’d go those. you can always wear heavy socks if they’re a little roomy in the foot.

  • river

    Wide calf boots? I bet they don’t come in a size 6 1/2 D like my feet do. Yep, I have short, wide feet and thick calves inherited from my mum.

    • I’m pretty sure they start at a 7 though, thick socks and you might be on your way. 😉

    • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle

      I have the same problem, my boots are a 7 and I just popped an inner sole in them. Problem solved! xox

  • Cherie Thompson

    Hi Mel, Loving the boots … great to be amongst all your gorgeous girls … this is so needed. Trust me to have mucked up the Linky have sent grovelling apologies to Danni … silly me 😉 xo

    • Heya lovely. Glad to see you joined in. I’ll pop on over and check you out. Woot woo. I’ll sort out the linky thing for you, no problem.

  • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle

    I love this whole outfit. Wish it were mine. You’re rockin’ that t shirt big time!

    • Thanks Jac! Get thee to Virtu. Top and skirt from them. I wear them both ALL the time. Almost as often as I wear my boots at the moment. LOTS.

  • The neon and the stripes together make them both pop! And the boots are cool, I can see why you’ve gotten so much wear out of them 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m a little bit in love with neon at the moment and I adore stripes ALL the time. 😉

  • baaaah, that shirt’s not too bright at all! It looks gorgeous. I think people only say that because they’re too afraid to wear it themselves. You look fab!

    • Haha. Thanks Lisa. You and I can be bright buddies together. I’m still looking for some yellow like your cardie the other day. 😉