Like most themes it takes me a little moving around of things to make it work. I like to choose an outfit and then hang it up to wait for an occasion. This jumpsuit arrived in the mail and I wore it two days later. I’d planned necklaces and bangles and all sorts of things to make it MORE boho but it was hot and I didn’t waaaaaant to. So I wore the belt from the jumpsuit as a necklace and dragged out an old one my Mum gave me.

Boho win.

At a stretch, I guess.

Maybe just look at the pretty trees in the background or something. Haha.

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But let’s talk about this jumpsuit for a minute. I was certain that my Hubby would hate it. He’s absolutely not a fan of patterned pants and sort of scrunches up his face every time I drag out another pair. But this, he LOVED. Knock me over with a feather I didn’t expect THAT. I don’t know, maybe it’s the strapless top or the feel of the material. Whatever. He was a fan.

Surprising fashion win.

plus size city chic patterened jumpsuit-8 plus size city chic patterened jumpsuit-4 plus size city chic patterened jumpsuit-11 plus size city chic patterened jumpsuit-6

Geo Patterned Jumpsuit – City Chic {similar}
T-Bar Sandals – Target {gifted}
Belt – From my mother {unknown}


plus size city chic patterened jumpsuit-12


  • David

    FABULOUS. I think that’s how it’s spelled

  • You really should go strapless more often, you make it look so classy!

    • Thanks Alex. I hardly ever wear strapless {I only bought this because I plan to wear it with a jacket in winter}. I feel super aware of my shoulders {and their HUGENESS} when I’m strapless. I liken it to those American footballers with the shoulder pads. It feels like THAT. Haha.

      • You have fantastic shoulders, you look like an Amazon! Think of all the hot Amazon women you know: Megan Gale, Robyn Lawley, Laura Wells, ME!

        • HA! Funny you should mention that. We were talking about the whole Amazon and Behemoth thing at the Brisbane meetup the other day. I decided that I MUCH prefer Amazon over Behemoth. Something about Behemoth reminding me of like a wooly mammoth or something. Haha. So thank you muchly. x

          • Is Behemoth even remotely complimentary? It’s giving me horrid flashbacks to high school! I’d take Amazon gladly — strong, independent, smart, fierce, sexy, tall? YES PLEASE.

            • HA! My point exactly. All words though I suppose, go where you want with it. A lady at work call me Amazon which is the weirdest thing, I always think of the online store first. Night A! x

  • Danimezza

    Seriously, those sandals are the bomb and we weren’t the only ones wearing them this week. Great shoulders too, must be all the swimming x

    • They really are. Liv said she saw FIVE pairs of them while at the airport for her flight this past weekend. Haha. A popular shoe.

      Thanks lady, I’d say so. They feel HUGE at the moment. 😉

  • SpiikerKat

    I love this on you, so boho chic! & man, that belt makes the perfect necklace!!

  • Merinda Lyons

    Looks good. thanks for sharing. I also like Plus size @