Well good morning there friends. I made it. I dragged myself limping across the Aussie Curves finish line. I’m sick you see. It turns out that partying like it was 1999 and eating crap food for the week really doesn’t agree with me. Say hello my old friend tonsillitis. Yuck. So last night Hubby and I went to pick me up the biggest noodle soup in the history of mankind and I threw on a jacket and scarf over my dress.

This dress can be used for good or evil. It’s either a comfy, stretchy lay about dress or it’s a sexy, just add heels and a updo heart breaker. A slim fit, tank style is a great shape on almost everyone. And ASOS sells them for $30 something dollars {there’s also a style with short sleeves} so you just can’t go wrong.

Today I used its snuggly powers for good to make me feel better when I felt puffy and sleepy and sore. Not a heel in sight. Some smelly old flats. A jacket because I was irrationally cold. Photos taken on Hubby’s iPhone because I forgot to put the battery back in my camera. Yup. It was one of thoooose days. Thank goodness for outfits that hide how crap you feel.

plus size body con outfit with scarf 001

plus size body con outfit with scarf 002

And now let’s ditch the jacket and get this week REALLY started. It is bodycon after all…

plus size body con outfit with scarf 003

plus size body con outfit with scarf 004

plus size body con outfit with scarf 005

Jacket – Autograph Fashion {gifted -2010}
Dress – ASOS Curve
Shoes – Pinched from Danimezza
Scarf – Virtu {a birthday present}


plus size body con outfit with scarf 006


Check out the other ladies in their bodycon finest! aussieoutfit-01


  • You look pretty damn fabulous for being sick, FYI. 🙂

    Me, I’d not go anywhere near a camera when I have a cold, I get very unpretty fast. 🙂

    As I type this, there is fog on the ground outside. So being that it is about to be cold and flu season, I will share with you my special secrets to cold and flu season 🙂

    – Take 1x echinacea and a good multivitamin, daily. Plus vitamin c. I don’t think the last one does any good but I like that they taste kind of funky.

    – if you feel that sore throat coming on, immediately get sucking on some Difflam throat lozenges that you can get from the chemist but they *must* be the antibacterial and antiseptic ones. They will numb your throat. If I take these fast enough the rest of the cold never appears.

    – If the dreaded lurgy does set in, Olbas Pastilles (also at the chemist) contain a lot of essential oils and are good for clearing the sinus etc.

    I order up my Echinacea on the internet from a place in the US where a big bottle of caps only costs like $8.99 instead of 20+ dollars here in Australia – vitamins are much cheaper there too.

    Alcohol always breaks my immune system. I steer well clear of it in my old age, lol. 🙂 If mid thirties is old age, Imma gonna be ancient by 50.

    • Haha. A fair amount of make-up went into this effort. Promise. Thanks SO much for the tips. I’ve been reading them out to Hubby demanding one of each. 😉

  • Looking great!

  • sydneyshopgirl

    Get well soon, gorgeous. Living vicariously though all your fashion posts. I’m living in Ts and copped denim for the moment.

    SSG. Xxx

    • Thank you. Feeling better again today. Should be fine by the long weekend. Bonus! 😉

  • Amy Wells

    You look fabulous, and I love everything about that scarf!

  • SpiikerKat

    I really like this dress! I can totally see how it could be dressed up or down! You look fab, even though you’re unwell!! hope you feel better soon 🙂 x

    • It’s the best, so easy to layer under almost anything. Thank you. I’m feeling much better today.

  • Ha! I wore the same dress so often this summer around the house, it is so comfy!! Love it on you, in fact, I think I love it on everyone I’ve seen it on! Hope you feel better soon! xxx

    • It’s the best. Easy and still really sexy if you need it to be. Haha. And I agree, it works on SO many body shapes, I think it’s the tank neckline.

      Thank you lovely, I am feeling better. Just the cough to kick now.

  • flashionaffair

    I have this dress too! It is so comfy and actually really good for around the house when you cant be bothered finding top and bottoms to match! hope your feeling better by now!

  • Martina Hart

    This dress looks great on you. I have one from ASOS but it is too short. Yours must be a midi length because you are tall and it looks perfect on you. Well done for overcoming the lergy and still looking great

    • It is the midi and for a midi it’s quite long on me, normally the midi is a long short on me. Haha. Bet that makes NO sense. Thank you. I’m just out the other end now. Cough lingering but I should shake that soon.

  • hyattz

    How is the sizing on this dress?

    • I have two now. The first I picked up in my regular size and it’s pretty well fitted. The second {which I’m wearing} I went up a size to allow some room to move. Either will work.

  • Lynn

    I love all your outfit posts, and your smiling confidence. I notice you wear a lot of dresses and skirts. Do you have a solution for “rubbing thighs?” I wear skirts most of the time, but love winter weather when I can wear tights or leggings and avoid that discomfort. You live in a hot area, so you maybe have a solution! Thanks,

    • Hey there! Thank you, glad you’re enjoying the posts. Try the Virtu Easy Breezy shorts, they are easy to wear, don’t show under skirts and dresses and offer great protection. 🙂