plus size slim pants with peplum top and jacket-2

plus size slim pants with peplum top and jacket-7

plus size slim pants with peplum top and jacket-3

plus size slim pants with peplum top and jacket-6

plus size slim pants with peplum top and jacket

Jacket – Autograph {2010} Top – ASOS Curve Pants – Torrid Shoes – Woman by Morrissey for BigW {2011}

Most week’s as soon as I read the theme, I KNOW what I’m going to be wearing. This week, I had plenty of ideas but it turns out I have quite an androgynous style. Most of the looks I was planning to wear I’ve done with the same items for posts before. So I was a bit stumped.

But last night when I was chatting with the ladies, in this exact outfit {no lippie though} I decided I’d just wear this one for the challenge this week. Sure the floral peplum isn’t EXACTLY very fitting of the theme but I thought with the dark pattern maybe you’d just let it slide Which I’m sure you will, right? Haha. You’ll also have to figure me for the saggy nature of my pants. A 4 hour round trip in the car, plus a sit down dinner will do that to even the best of them. I was actually thinking they hadn’t fared that badly.

Is androgynous a style you opt for? And by androgynous I mean that structured, simple, male influenced style. Not the flannelette shirt variety. Not that there’s anything wrong with THAT.

plus size slim pants with peplum top and jacket-5


  • Ohhh I love the last pic of you. I can’t say that androgynous style is something I ever try and achieve, being a vintage loving girl. But in saying that there are times when I’m putting an outfit together and something will tip it towards it feeling too masculine for me. Then I have the job of paring it back or adding something that gives me a balance I’m happy with.

    • Thank you Trudie. Very true, androgynous isn’t a word that comes to mind when I think of your feminine vintage style! Haha.

  • Those pants, love

  • Love this outfit, I wish I could pull off such a structured outfit so well.

  • SpiikerKat

    I think we can forgive the floral peplum this time 😉 you look great!