A reader noted on a post a little while back that I appear to have a great love of men. She said my love was evident and covered the pages. I assume she meant this as a good thing. I do. Really, really do love men. It shows. I’m okay with that. I know so freaking fantabulous men.

I rave lovingly of my husband the goofiest, most wonderful man EVER {totally biased}. I praise a father who was both strong and kind. Then there is my brother, a man who should be on a cereal box such are his many and varied talents. I don’t have to stop there though, there are men I love who are my friends, brother-in-laws, cousins and those who lead the way to make the world a better place.

Men. I love them.

Not that I have any issue with women, I’m a pretty darn big fan of women too but this post isn’t about them. This is about why I love men and why you should to. I think the point was that growing up, for some of us female folk, we were taught that men were the enemy. Someone to make love you so you were somehow whole. A breadwinner, a boss, a decider of all things. Men were those distant characters off to the side of the household. And boys, well boys were the enemy. So how did I escape that? How do I carry such genuine affection for men, even though their treatment of me hasn’t always been stellar?

I remember that men, as a collective is not a real thing. It, like body image and beauty etc, is an idea. If you tar all men with the same brush than it’s not very surprising that they all look the same. I just choose to believe the example I saw growing up. Some of you won’t have been so lucky. You’ll have to choose something else. But like anything, with enough practice, you can change your mind. And it’s worth it.

Maybe imagine your someone else as something like my father. He never fit the mould of ‘man’. He cried at movies, cooked dinner 7 nights out of ten, dropped us to school and loved to cook WAY more than Mum did. He was a partner to my mother, not a benefactor. He was real in his faults and forthcoming with the lessons he had learned in life. Open, kind, loyal and caring he is. As well as strong, dependable and other such manly things.

How could I not love men, right? What a man. And don’t think for a moment I have him on some kind of pedestal, oh no. I know the realities of who my father is. Just as I know who I am. Human. Each of us with our fine qualities and faults. No matter our gender or orientation. I learnt a lot from the men in my life. I am grateful for them.

The short version is that I’m a stark raving fan of the great men I know and it shows in my conversations with those around me. Especially on this blog. I am unapologetic of that. I don’t stand for conversations like all men are liars, cheats or dogs. I just don’t believe them. If you say that the wonderful men I know are those things to. And the truth is, that you would be wrong. So stop now and see what awesome men show up for you. Keep going and keep on meeting those guys.

After all it amazing how people will  live up to what we expect of them… No matter how little. 

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