There’s one look I fall back on weather I’m meeting a new client casually or hanging out for the afternoon with Hubby. It’s only the footwear that changes usually from a stockpile of shoes in my boot. Jeans, shirt, blazer. Simple, easy and always looks good. Darker denim for client meetings {or slim fit pants} and lighter denim for more casual. Heels for some days, wedges other and flats or sneakers if there is running around to do. Seriously, I highly recommend this look. It’s easy peasy.

Do you know I almost sold this blazer, or handed it over to my Mum, in a last minute decision I thought naaaaah, I’ll keep it. I’m glad it did. It’s such a great colour and looks really light and lovely. It goes beautifully with these jeans and my new hair colour which it turns out, the identical chartreuse blazer I have really doesn’t. Phew. Lucky. I really can be a bit too cut throat with my wardrobe sometimes. You’d never tell by looking at it though. It’s a freaking disaster. Remind me to clean it out and sell off some stuff again sometime soon, yeah? Let’s go, more pics!

plus size blazer + jeans + heels outfit-1

plus size blazer + jeans + heels outfit-3

plus size blazer + jeans + heels outfit-6

This beautiful afternoon just had to be photographed, right? Beautiful light, great weather, a nice drive through the streets near my house. It’s afternoon’s like this that make late winter, early spring so darn beautiful in this part of the world. There’s not to much more to say about that but when the days are longer, the evenings cool and the days sunny and warm I love it here. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. But you know, maybe ask me again in the height of summer when I’m melting and my hair is sticking out two foot in the air.

plus size blazer + jeans + heels outfit-5

plus size blazer + jeans + heels outfit-2

Blazer – Autograph {similar}
Tee – ASOS Curve
Necklaces – Diva {part of a set}
Jeans – ASOS Curve {similar}
Heels – Torrid 

plus size blazer + jeans + heels outfit-9

Have a great weekend folks! 


  • Wendygai

    Great look, I love the jacket … Ahhh colour lol

  • Beautiful. The colour suits you so great. ♡

  • Love the outfit and highly envy your hability to climb up those heels and wear them with confidence. I can´t even look at them without falling off. Grrr

  • Sarah Collins

    Jeans, tee and a jacket is my absolute favourite look. So simple and awesome!

    • Same! SOOOOO simple and awesome. The best.

      • Sarah Collins

        Oh and a random question I just thought of! How does that ASOS tee hold up in the wash? A lot of the cheapy t-shirts I’ve bought have stretched out especially in the neckline and towards the bottom. Totally thinking of buying that tee, haha.

        • It’s going along okay. It needs ironing after every wash though and I hate that, so I don’t wear it as much as I did at first. The novelty wore off. Haha. But no stretching or pulling issues.

          • Sarah Collins

            Haha, cool, good to know thanks!

          • Shelbys Mom

            I think as a plus size woman, it’s important to iron your clothes. I really didn’t think it mattered until my step mom who works in retail had me try on a blouse (that was a bit too fitted in the belly.) Then she suggested I iron it (wide way-not the long way) and said it would stretch the blouse just a little. I was AMAZED at the difference it made! 🙂

            • This is such a great tip. I have a dress that, when I buy an iron, I’m going to test this out on. 😉

  • Oh man! 2 thinks I wish I could pull off in one post! Jeans and blazers! Super jealous, you are rocking it! I’m als really loving that colour on you!

    • Thanks Nat. I hear you. I feel like that about wide leg pants and turtlenecks.

  • The jeans with blazer and t-shirt is a key trend. I like your chic ways to pair up with the closet.

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