An obsession with polish

April 30, 2012

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When I decided November last year to stop chewing my nails something happened. An obsession of sorts, for nail polish. And because I’m a sharing caring type of girl I thought I’d share some of my favourite colours with you. It’s a victory of sorts this nail polish collection. It says this one time in November, sitting on a friend’s couch, I decided to something. And I did it. It says I’m a person who does what they say they will do. It also says I love bright nails.

So check them out. It turns out all my favourites are by ORLY or Sally Hansen. I grabbed them from the top of the bag and didn’t notice until I was taking these pics. I have a couple of great colours from Rimmel and Loreal. And a few cheapies from the supermarket. But these are the colours I reach for, time after time after time. You’ll see why.

Which is your favourite?

  • Tabitha

    I have an undisputed obsession with OPI nail polish. Much like accessories, nails are a simple and cost effective (well unless you’re like me and pay $20 a pop for my OPI’s) way to update your look! xx

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      It SO is. I’ve seen a few OPI colours and they’re stunning. I don’t own any though. too rich for my blood. ;) 

  • river

    None of those colours really appeals to me. Maybe the Who’s Who pink if it was shimmery. I’ve never been a nail biter, but I inherited weak, soft nails from my mum. Since I was about twenty I’ve tried strengthening this, nourishing that, hardening polishes of varying brands. I even tried taking gelatine capsules for two full years. Nothing works. I don’t want long nails, I think they’d just get in the way, I just want strong anils that don’t tear , peel or break on a daily basis.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      It is a little shimmery, it has a blue pearl through it. I love that one on, it’s amazing.

      Mine tear when I pick at the edges. It’s the thing I annoy myself with now, weakening the edges. It gives me the shits. Hope you find something that helps. People told me to get the $18 Sally Hansen one. I haven’t been brave enough to pay that yet. HA.

  • Kimmie

    I always have my fingernails and tootsies painted! Sally Hansen was my all time fav! However shopping in Coles two weeks ago I discovered they had a big cardboard bin filled with Ulta3 nail colour in every colour imaginable for $2 each!! Normally you pay for what you get with nail polish however this stuff is fantastic. Lovely glossy colours that glide on and are chip resistant. If I did not know better I would think it was a high end of the market nail polish. Check it out!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Kimmie, this is the bargain bin stuff I was talking about. It’s SO good for $2. I grab more out there colours in this range, in case I don’t like them on, it’s no risk.

      And Sally is just great. Love her colours. I have about 5 others too.

      • Kimmie

        I got four more yesterday Mel and the best bit was they had been reduced to $1 

        • Melissa Walker Horn

          Wow! That’s GREAT buying. :) 

  • river

    I tried a $15 Sally Hansen, triple strong nail fortifier, in a small green bottle, it didn’t help at all. It peels off, so I remove it with polish remover and it takes several weeks after that for the nails to stop peeling again. Really wasted my money on that one.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Oh no. That sucks River. I’ll let you know if I find anything that works. Thanks for letting me know.

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