My Mum thinks I should iron more. I think she’s craaaazy. She thinks that everything I wear needs ironing. Which reminds me, don’t let her anywhere near my rather large smalls. Not that she loves ironing or anything. Oh heck no. Not an ironer at all. But she does love a crisply ironed shirt/pant/freakin’ everything. Me, meh. Not so much.

In fact for a while there we didn’t even own an iron. Nope. One broke and we didn’t replace it. For ages. if we needed to iron we ducked off down the street and broke into my brother and his wife’s house and used theirs. We were the ironing bandits. Sometimes Jess would do it for us. THAT was a total score. It didn’t happen often.

So our strategy has always been crushable, wash and wear clothes. But you know the ultimate issue with these type of clothes? They stretch and one day your size 16 stretchy skirt is stretched to the max and you’re a size 24+ and you missed it. Damn you ironing. Damn you to hell. This would never have happened without how much I hate your guts. Errr. What? Moving on.

So I’m wondering if you have any tips to limit the need for ironing? Help a Suger out.

  • No tips . . . Life is too short to iron!!!!!!!!!!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      That’s an EXCELLENT tip. 😉 

  • My Vintage Vow

    I don’t iron either. Well I should say iron if it needs it is this houses policy. So if you can getaway without ironing something we do. Best tips are, hang washing as soon as you can once the load is finished. The longer clothing is left wet in basket or machine the more creases. Try hanging some things on hangers straight from the machine, it will help the garment fall better.

    Otherwise the dryer can be handy at times.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      The hanger thing is something we try and do. I have a bit of a drying room in the unused main bathroom. It’s like a second closet. Haha. 

  • shake it out a few times, maybe run your hand over it and you’re all done in my books! the creases fall out as you wear it anyway 🙂

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Or you add new ones. Love the run your hand over it. Never thought of that. 

  • Just do it. I hate it with a passion. But ironing is like exercise – no one likes it, but you just shouldn’t avoid it.

    Or it’s like going sugar free – hard to get your head around at first, but once you do it, there’s no going back. It’s the right thing to do.

    Ironing is a grown up thing to do.

    Just get yourself a Hills ironing board and a Philips steam station and get into it. There is enough crap TV on every night to iron to.

    Just do it.

    Love from the obsessive ironer…


    • Melissa Walker Horn

      These days I really like exercise. Sad, but true. I can’t imagine EVER liking ironing though. Haha. 

      But of COURSE you’re an ironer. I could’ve picked that a mile off. 😛 

  • Do a “load” of ironing. Ugh, I know. But the best thing is ironing is portable. Put something entertaining on TV and set up in front of it, or put on the music and belt out some tunes. And hang up the ironed garments pronto. I hate the thought of ironing more than actually doing it. I hate doing the dishes more.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I feel your pain. I hate them both, equally. 😉 

  • Here I Am LouLou

    I wash as much as I can on gentle – spin slower than normal
    run my hands over the stuff as I hang most of it to dry
    give it a hard shake and I hope to avoid that ironing beast too as much as possible.
    It helps to have a good washing machine too.

    have a great day Melissa


    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Oooooo. Very useful. The flick thing is something I’ve seen done but could never figure out why. Ha. Derrr. 

  • Sarah

     I don’t do it if I can help it. Too many years of ironing husband formal work attire! His current job has polo shirts and I have banned him from ever leaving.

    Some people are obsessed with ironing. I know of the people who iron underwear and sheets but my compulsions don’t go that far. Thank the lord.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Oh yes, polo’s rule! 

      Are those some people Lucy ^^^ Baahaha. Mum hates it but is obsessed with crease free clothes, so I think she secretly loves it. 😉 

  • Modernmummymayhem

    Birdsnest Betty Basics range …. Hanging clothes from washer onto hangers to dry… Shake, fold and smooth other pieces. Oh I know the tricks. You used to even be able to buy a spray called iron free… Great stuff but where has it gone???

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Where HAS it gone. I’d spray everything with it. It probably was all harmful chemicals that ruined your lungs or something. Damn those health regulations. {seriously though, I hope not}

  • Nope, I just don’t iron. VERY rarely if I’m feeling particularly generous and my husband really needs shirts ironed for something (he doesn’t have to wear business shirts much), then I’ll do it. But usually he does it anyway as he doesn’t mind it. WIN!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      My Hubby is a much better ironer than I am. I try and pull the whole, holy cow I still have to do my hair and make up, could just iron this if you get the chance? Please? NOW. Please?

  • sheribombblog

    I loathe ironing and I’m also quite terrible at it, I think I iron more creases IN than I do out. But I have found a sneaky way to combat this…put your clothes in the dryer and take them out as soon as it’s done while they’re still warm…NO CREASES!!! It’s my fail safe…I’ll even chuck something in there just for a fiew minutes on its own rather than iron one single garment…I’m terrible I know haha

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Me too, with the extra creases. I’m sure I add rather than subtract. The dryer thing, I could totally get on board with that. Sorry environment. 😉 

  • Almost none of my clothes need ironing. But most of Joel’s do. Fortunately, Joel irons them. He’s good like that. I rarely have to iron anything.  I’m about to get someone in to do his ironing for him though. One less thing for him to worry about.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Growing up we had Anne come in and do ironing and all that jazz. I tell Mum she spoilt me for life. Quite possible. But I do try. Even if I hate its guts. 

  • Kylie Purtell

    I hate ironing as well and hardly ever do it unless it’s a material that I really can’t get away with not ironing. So most stuff I hang up as soon as it’s dry or has finished in the dryer, including t-shirts, and if it has to go in a drawer I roll everything, I don’t fold, and I find a lot of the time any wrinkles will come out after being put away in the drawer rolled up.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Oooooooo. Rolling t-shirts and stuff. WOW. Great idea.

  • Judem51

    I cannot wear anything that has not been ironed…….a real tragic 🙂
    Don’t do undies/sheets/ttowels etc…but pillow cases get done.
    Is it a genrational thing? I am 62….my 38yo daughter doesn’t iron 🙁

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Oh I lovely a freshly pressed shirt as much as the next girl. I just can’t bring myself to care enough though to do it. Perhaps it is generational. Maybe our kids will iron their butts off so they don’t resemble their sloppy parents. 😉 

  • Judem51

    forgot to add my tip to lessen the ironing…..
    There are no tips…..just iron the bloody things dammit :)))

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Darn. Was afraid you’d say that. 😉 

  • Amy (MyLifeAsACake)

    I used to iron constantly, with a businessman of a husband. It was always the bane of our marriage. Now, I hang his shirts on a hanger while wet, and it dries neat and tidy on the line. It’s not perfect, but if he’s not happy, then he knows where the ironing board is. No massive piles of ironing for me, passable shirts for him. Win Win. 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      The hanger trick seems to be the most effective. And for sure, tell him Kel is a FABULOUS ironer. 😉

  • The only thing I iron is new work shirts because the fabric is stiff and dries with creases. Once they’re about six months old they’re much softer and dry more smoothly. No more ironing.
    Hang things as straight and square as possible with no stretching,  fold and smooth (or smooth and fold) as you take them off the line, then just put things away.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Great, this I can do! 

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