Sometimes making a title up for a blog post is the hardest bit, don’t you think? And not from a seo standpoint. Or in a wow, that’ll get them in way. But in a how the heck do I describe all the stuff I wrote with just one short, snappy sentence. How the heck is THAT even possible? I see some title and think, WOW, gooood one! I see others and think this has NOTHING to do with the post. Or that’s just plan crap. And that’s the just ones on my blog. I was doing a bit of reading online the other night and realised how structured titles had become in blog land. It’s all about key words from what I can tell. And a hook.

There appears to be three ground rules for titles;

  1. Be a bit shocking/direct. Make people want to react straight away.
  2. Make it short and snappy or long winded and sort of funny. Either works to grab attention.
  3. It sound mention what the heck is happening in the post. Or reference it.

Following the rules looks a little something like…

  • How to toilet train your kids, better then she did.
  • When you don’t know what to wear to not look like a hussy, wear this.
  • Cakes you can make from scratch that are easier than packet mixes and taste AWESOME.
  • You’re wrong and here’s why.
  • Marrying young never works.

You know, stuff like that. It made me think there might be something seriously lacking in the word of titles on this blog. Sometimes  This post for example, I messed around with the title for ages. Did I want it to be catchy and just a bit sarcastic? Or should it simply be a line about what it’s about? Would anyone even care actually given that it’s an entire post wondering about titles on blog posts?

Probably not.

So I just picked a name out of my brain and put it there.

Trusted my gut and went for it. No pressure right?

Adding a title to a post about exploring titles of blog posts, what makes good ones and what makes bad ones. What if it’s a bad one and then everything I thought about titles has been proven and unproven all at once! I’m starting to this this one should have been scheduled in random ramblings becuase it is ALL over the place. But such is the way things go when you are creating witty, click provoking, quality titles.

Or worse. Not doing that at all.


  • Laura

    I hate giving my posts titles. If I’m not careful, they’ll all end up called “our weekend” “look what I made” “observations about being a working parent” I think I might make it my mission to throw a few random words in my titles so i dont get in a rut… you know, words like “chimpanzee” and “neckerchief” LOL

    • Haha. Me too. Mine are almost always something like, so, random thing happened today. Or here’s something new. I can’t wait to see the post with chimpanzee AND neckerchief in the SAME title. 😉

  • Aha, I am so lucky that I generally blog about real life places and so there’s the title – bingo! Then people who are searching for reviews on those places find the posts. My life is complicated in real life, but the blogging bit is simple, what a relief. But NB I am bored of the 25 ways… 10 things… type posts these days… bored, bored, bored.

    • Haha. Lucky indeed. AND excellent SEO. I think it’s getting to that point with a lot of those ‘tricks’ that people say work. Everyone jumps on the band wagon and it’s too much. Though I WOULD read a post titled that if I was interested, so I guess that’s the point.

  • river

    It might work to write the post first, then read it through a couple of times to see if there is something that just stands out as the main point, a word, or a line, and use that as your title. Go back and read my Friday post and see if you think my title worked. Was it appropriate? Did it make you want to stay and read more?
    This post of yours could have been titled “what the heck do I call this post?” or something equally silly/smart/inspired/clever/funny/serious. Really, there are no rules.
    Sometimes a title pops into your head first and you can build a story around that.

  • I used to spend AGES on titles and then (at Blogopolis this year) I learnt that quirky / witty titles AREN’T a good thing – it’s more important to have something SEO-savvy. At the moment I’m trying to do both. (Sometimes the titles come before the blogs. Maybe I should have been a copywriter!)

    • Maybe you should be! I know what you mean about the whole SEO thing. I consider it for my clothes posts, because I want people looking for a certain outfit idea to be able to find them. The rest though, I’m not too concerned with the SEO. I do like Quirky/Witty, I’d miss it if they were gone forever. 😉