For the last instalment of the Suger Review series for December I thought to myself this one is going to be a wish list. A gift list. For me. I haven’t tried these items. They are wish list type things. So it’s not really a review, more of a hey look what I found! If you can’t do that at Christmas, when can you, right? Most of the people I know and I have an understanding. Don’t buy for me and I won’t buy for you. But sometimes, it’s nice to make a list just the same. A girl has got to dream, right? Plus, my birthday is only three months away, people might need some time to get saving up their cash. So with these very reasonable {and waaaaay silly} reasons in mind, here’s my list. Here is what I would buy myself for Christmas.


Stationary. Always stationary. Kikki K, Type, Woolies, I really, really don’t mind. I just lvoe stationary and collect it like a hoarders keeps newspapers. Actually, it’s pretty similar really if you think about it.


These lawn chairs. Sure they’re a thousand bucks {yup, one THOUSAND dollars} but I think they rock. 64598575876945334_SRfRVHax_c

I really, really want a camera bag. Really. Something that can act as a handbag and still keep my camera safe and sound inside. And a new lens and some software would be awesome too. It’s a fictional list, right? Might as well go all out. Ha.


I just can’t get enough of sippy cups. I’m sure that’s not their official name, but whatever I love them. In fact I already have three, but think it’s very possible that I MUST have one for each day of the week. Haha. The best news is that retailers appear to agree with me with everyone from Typo to BigW selling them. Score.


I found this on Pinterest. Holy cow. That’s all I have to say. I’d like one of these please. The colour, the style, even the adorable little remote. Did I say oh my goodness. Seriously. I can feel my eighties heart beat a little faster at the idea of it. I wonder how loud the sound would be? I hope it would be loud and obnoxious. Something this boom-box’esque absolutely HAS to be.


You know me and Casetagram and how much we looooove each other. Well these pillows are the next phase of that obsession. I want a whole heap of these for on my retro lounge. I want one with photos of me, one of Hubby, one of us and a couple of random things {sunsets, food, coffee and that sort of thing}. It’ll be like a story board of us. On the couch.


And finally these babies. I was sent a news release with these in them and I thought, they look bright and cheerful and colourful. I think I need those in my life. Someone to make me fresh coffee everyday wouldn’t hurt either. Can you ask for one of those for Christmas? Probably not. Siiiigh.

There you go.

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  • The lawn chairs are awesome, but you couldn’t have just one of them either. You’d need to do a colour combo thing get the full effect.

  • Gosh you’re funny. I can so see you strutting around with that boom box, come people some one’s got to get it for Suger. Love the idea of the cushions especially since it involves that retro lounge of yours. Merry Christmas my sweet I hope Santa brings you at least something from your wish list. Can you imagine if you got it all… that’s a hell of a Christmas.

    • Nope, nothing from the list so far. Might have to get myself a sippy cup at the shops tomorrow and commiserate. I was really, really hoping for those chairs. Haha.

  • Emily

    That boom box is flawless. Holy crap, it’s so cute! So PINK! 😀 And those are the fanciest lawn chairs in the galaxy.

    May the force be with you.

  • Emily

    That boom box is flawless. Holy crap, it’s so cute! So PINK! 😀 And those are the fanciest lawn chairs in the galaxy.

    May the force be with you.