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Shirt dress love. That was basically going to be the name of this post. A girl can go anywhere, do anything in a good shirtdress. Work, rest or play (as the old Milo commercial goes) a shirt dress is easy to wear, comfortable and always ALWAYS chic. So if there wasn’t much more to say, it would be that you should get a shirt dress and wear it ALL the time.

The end.

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Haha. Joking.

As I slipped this beauty from 17 Sundays over my head, scraped by hair into a ponytail that was wild and crazy and in need of some attention. As I dragged my socks and boots on enruote to the car. As I felt the cool breeze and the evening air settle on my skin. I thought about how easy it is to get dressed with a shirt dress. How 15 minutes ago I’d been in my underwear in bed. thank goodness for the shirt dress.

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Shirt dress of awesome from 17 Sundays via MYER and Boots from Autograph Fashion (on sale!)

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