I know, it’s Queensland and usually, I avoid doing these plus size jackets posts. I hate seeking out all these gorgeous pieces and then never getting to buy or wear them. Queensland life means that for one’ish month a year I need a decent jacket, the rest of the year a jumper will do. It’s a hard life, you know? Haha.


Buuuuuut I’m trying to be a little more responsive and a little less all about me. Trust me, it won’t hurt me to try. Haha. So, I started searching and putting together a list. Some are winter at a Queensland level type of coat or jacket. Others, are legit “it’s cold and I need actual warmth” style.

I find the biggest challenge when looking for a plus size jacket or coat is that usually, they are all black, all the time. Now, I love black, but not everyone does. There’s a case to be made for having something a little more versatile like a tan, nude or grey. This year, I’ll be picking up a grey coat to replace the one I lost. It will work with my predominately black wardrobe and add a much-needed layer of colour. So, with that in mind, I’ve tried to source some great black alternatives where I could.

Ready to shop? Let’s go.  

Plus Size Winter Jackets - Suger Coat It

One Khaki Waterfall Duster | Two Floral Bomber Jacket | Three Pink Oversized Duster

Four Patched Jacket | Five Washed Black Denim Jacket | Six Classic Belted Coat

Seven Longline Blazer | Eight Blush ‘Fur” Collar Jacket | Nine Buckle Detail Jacket

Ten Tan Crop PU Jacket | Eleven Stitch Biker Jacket

Twelve Khaki Utility Parker | Thirteen Aviator Jacket

*some items are from overseas suppliers who are out of season so stock may be limited

Plus Size Winter Jackets - Suger Coat It

Have you shopped for a jacket or coat yet? Where did you pick yours up from? I’m happy to open the comments for links to your favourite piece for winter; let’s get this conversation going. That’s a request, promise, and if you’re enjoying these posts, let me know in the comments.

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  • I’ve got a couple of great coats from Hell Bunny. So cute but they are high waisted and small fitting. One of them won’t button over my boobs. I also got a great faux leather jacket from Crossroads a few years ago. About 20 bucks and still going strong. I wear that pretty much constantly.

    • Do you know the Hell Bunny size range off the top of your head? I was just thinking, I don’t think they’re on my plus fashion directory… If they do a reasonable range, I should add them. And yaaaas! There are some gems to be found in Crossroads sometimes, that sounds like such a score.

      • They go up to a 4xl which I think is meant to be around a 24 but because most of their clothes are that vintage nipped in waist style, if you’re an apple shape, you’d need to go up a couple of sizes.

        • Ahhhh, okay. Thank you. I’ll add it to the list. 24 is extended enough to qualify, I’ll add a note about the fit.

  • Candice Buys

    Any denim jacket finds this season? I’m looking for a lovely blue wouldn’t mind stretchy? 🖤

    • Actually, leave it with me, I’ll take a look and see what I can come up with. FUN!

  • Karen Crawford

    loving number 10