So, if you’re on facebook, twitter or instagram yesterday you might have noticed the new addition to the family. A shiny new car that is making me so happy it’s ridiculous. Say what you like, I’m a car kid. I love driving and this car, well, she drives beeeeeeautifully. But that’s not what this is about. Not really, anyway. This little tale is about what happened after I got her home. In the rain. On the highway. She was dirty.

Not dirty, dirty. Just water spots with a muddy tinge to them. Just enough to annoy me. Just enough to minimise the new car feel. I mean come oooooon, it still had polish in the cracks in some places. She’s brand new. After an evening of showing her off around town to various family and friends I arrived at my final destination post Tupperware party, seriously, how MANY of these do I have to attend. I unloaded my passenger, hi Trina, and waited not so patiently for her to grab her other half to come take a look.

Now, a spray painter by trade, her partner is notoriously particular. He’s the guy that taped up the edges of my office blackboard wall but then couldn’t stay to watch me paint it. He’s a top guy and he knows his stuff. He assessed her with his painters eye. I apologised that he had to see her dirty {thank goodness it was dark!} and joked that I was going to whiz her through the lazer wash before work so my work mates would only see the sparkly, shiny side of her.

No way, he said, noooo. Apparently the laser wash jet thingies spray all sorts of chemicals {even acid based ones} and the jets then proceed to weaken the clear top coat effecting the long-term life and shine {the important bit} of your paint. WHAT. I said. Seriously? I was freaking out. I wanted to care for it her the best I could but what! A blue {Turquoise, officially} must be protected!

You’re better off to hand wash and use a high quality polish, he said. Details were exchanged and information gathered and I was about to leave. I can’t believe that, I said to him as a parting farewell. I was still coming to terms with the idea that I might have to wake up at 6am to wash my car, should I wish to regain that new NEW car feel. Believe it, he said heading towards the house. Well, I said, I’m going to call the Laser Wash the Acid Wash from now on. Chuckling to myself at how clever I was. Nodding with glee that THIS wold have to become a post on my blog. After all, if I can’t wash my car the lazy girl way, at least the world got to hear my acid wash joke.

That’s an upside, don’t you think?

  • Tammy Knobel

    I was told that when I bought my Mazda. The lady said NEVER take it through car wash because it dulls your paint. The novelty of washing my beautiful NEW purple car every weekend wore off after 3 months. Sadly since we have moved it has only been washed twice because the water has been so BAS it leaves white all over it. I have now been known to wag my car in the rain to avoid that 🙂 Oh the joys of owning a pretty colored car 😉

    • Yours IS a pretty colour. I’ve never noticed it being particularly dirty. I might have to start parking mine outside in the rain. 😉

  • Bahahahaha – have linked as today seems to be car post day!

    • I saw that, thanks for the linkage! Congrats on the new addition.

  • Sarah

    It’s beautiful! After we bought our new car I was banned from the carwash. Exorbitantly priced cleaners were purchases and my husband lovingly spends hours cleaning the car every few weeks. I predict this will last 1 year!

    Congrats on your new purchase.

    • Thank you. Haha. I was hoping Hubby might be the same, apparently not. He’s surprisingly disinterested.

  • lol you’re a crack up, love it. Here I was worried that something went wrong with your new baby!

  • Beck @ The Rambling Mummy

    Love it.
    My hubby who was a detailer for many years won’t let me go near the cars!
    The day I met him he commented on my tidy car and I said I put it through car wash. I got yelled at and told that if I did it again he would have no choice but to end it (sarcastic of course)
    He has washed the cars ever since. I did once and got yelled at for using the brush at the DIY one. Whoops!

    • Errr, my Dad has told me off for using those brushes before. That’s why I used the laser wash. Siiiiiigh. I can’t get anything right. Haha.

      Not a bad trade though. Wish mine would should an interest in doing it.

  • Yess!!! Don’t ever put your baby through one of those or I will come and confiscate it off you 😉
    You can smell the chlorine and chemicals in that car wash water.
    I have a big! black dual cab and I detest dirty cars, but the trick is, you don’t always have to give it a full on suds clean.
    I have a microfibre hand mitt and the hose, a quick run over with the water and the mitt, chamious off and “beautiful” I use a soft dustpan brush on my wheels and tyres.
    Depending on what paint protection etc you have on the Jazz depends what products you are allowed to use but there are some great spray on “quick detailers” and “quick wax” products that are really so easy to use and wipe off.

    • Oh geeez. Don’t do that. I’d be the saddest girl ever if you took her away.

      Thanks for the tips!! I’m going to put them to use.

  • Sheri Bomb

    I thought that’s what hubbies were for?? 😉

    • Mines on strike. Something about equal opportunity to wash the cars.

  • I had no idea car washes were bad for cars. We only ever had secondhand cars anyway and I used to give hubby a gift certificate for a wash’n’wax each year for his birthday. For the car of course, not for him….
    That once a year was the only time the car got cleaned.

    • Me either. I wish someone had of told me cars and cars ago! Darn it.

  • stinkb0mb

    i’ve never been through a car wash – we’ve talked about going through one for years but still never gotten around to it, might have to take the “old” car through it, instead of the new one.

    that being said, i’m not overly fussy about my car being clean on the outside. sure once i’ve washed it and it’s looking pretty, then yeah i love it and think “i should do this more often” but then rarely do! i’ve washed my 4 month old WHITE Lancer twice since i’ve had it and one of those times Guv did it! as long as my car is clean INSIDE, i’m happy.

    a dirty car is a driven car and considering i’m about 2000km off hitting 15000km and needing it’s first service, all in under 6 months after purchase, i’d say Stella [my Lancer!] is well driven!!


    • Holy cow lady! And I thought I racked up the kilometres. I know what you mean about clean inside. I hate nothing more than crap all through my car or when it needs a vacuum. Ick.