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Suger Coat It, evolving from a personal style blog, is a place where women who work for themselves can be inspired, learn and challenge themselves. Then kick back with friends and family for a great meal to enjoy the rewards of their hard work. Contributions, welcome. Please see the guidelines for submitting.

Simple ways to own your first home sooner.

Heading into this post about how to own your own home sooner I checked in with some of the people around me. Some are homeowners. Some give advice on borrowing money or purchasing property for a living. BUT, you should consider your own personal situation before...

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How-to plan a creative business photo shoot

Planning a creative business photo shoot? Great! This is probably one of my favourite topics to talk about in business and easily my favourite thing to do. Making sure I have a collection of images I can tap into that are personal and filled with brand personality....

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What’s in my camera bag?

Answering the question, what's in my camera bag? It's a YouTube thing to do. Haha. But mostly I'm doing it to share what I've collected along the way to the do the job I'm doing now. I'm a blogger, content creator, photographer and digital marketer. All the...

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Saving money with Acorns

I first heard about Acorns towards the end of last year. In a conversation about travel, savings and money with my friend, Olivia it came up. Liv is an avid traveler and no year is complete for her until an adventure has been had. To manage this lifestyle with her...

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