About Suger

My name? Melissa Walker Horn, but around here they call me Suger.
I’m your straight-talking interwebs BFF.

I’m a thirty-something with big feet and an even bigger mouth. Work-wise, since that feels relevant, I’m a social media consultant, small business digital marketing specialist and photographer.

Married to a wonderfully ridiculous man, I’m from a large family, which matters and has shaped who I am. I’ve got a thing for wine, cheese and stripes. And there’s no way you’ll ever catch me eating honey carrots or apricot chicken.

Blogging since 2009; I run my own business or two including a secondary blog called the Leave Home Blog. Being an Aries with a side order of ADD will do that to a girl. The desire to work for myself became the catalyst for turning my plus size fashion blog into a lifestyle blog for women who work for themselves.

I’ve had a lot of jobs, studied most things, and I’m not so great at the whole sticking with one career thing. Better luck next life, right? What I’ve always done is work for myself and run a blog. My story is one of self-awareness and confidence, a gift I wish I could offer every woman and girl out there. Maybe one day, that’s what I’ll be able to deliver.

Welcome to Suger Coat It!

30 days of daily blogging.

Well, it's been 30 days of daily blogging; give or take a few days. I made it, sort of. While I may not have blogged every single day, but I did the majority of them. In the last 30 days, I made stuff; took more photos and wrote what was there to write day after day....

The future of girls

This morning while we worked, we had America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11 (that's like a season, in Tyra speak) playing in the background. Soon, watching took over as we gasped and WTF'ed our way through the first two episodes. I mean, we've come a long way since 2008...

I almost didn’t make it

This fine Wednesday evening I was sitting here thinking that maybe this time I just wouldn't make it with a new post. Nothing really to say. No words coming. Then I remembered that that was the whole point. I've skipped days, for sure. But there was no good reason, so...