About Suger

My name? Melissa Walker Horn, but around here they call me Suger. I’m your straight-talking interwebs BFF.
I’m a thirty-something with big feet and an even bigger mouth. I’m a social media consultant, small business digital marketing specialist and photographer. I’ve got a thing for wine, cheese and stripes. And there’s no way you’ll ever catch me eating honey carrots or apricot chicken.

I’ve had a lot of jobs, studied most things, and I’m not so great at the whole sticking with one career thing. Ah well, better luck next life. But what I have always done is work for myself and run a blog. Why not combine the two, right? Welcome to Suger Coat It!

What’s in my camera bag?

Answering the question, what's in my camera bag? It's a YouTube thing to do. Haha. But mostly I'm doing it to share what I've collected along the way to the do the job I'm doing now. I'm a blogger, content creator, photographer and digital marketer. All the...

I’m trying something different in 2018

Good morning, team. Happy New Year! I hope you're waking this morning full of promise and hope, not just hangovers and bad choices. Not that there's anything wrong with THAT. Haha. 2017 was a year of searching for me when it came to Suger Coat It. Don't click off,...