Sunday I set out on a mission to get a profile picture. I wanted a little more practice with my camera. I wanted to feel the sun on my face after a weekend chained to the computer fixing exploding websites left, right and centre. So I bribed Hubby with a brunch and off we went. The couple at the table across from us, laughed and chatted with us as we pointed the camera at each other and our table setting for the fist 20 minutes of brunch. I think now, we’ve both bonded with it and are very happy with the purchase.

After we finished, Hubby suggested we use the Calton Hill memory garden as a backdrop for the photos I wanted. the blue sky, shining sun and lush gardens seemed perfect to me. Casual, bright, fun. Just what I was after. So we snapped some pics. I even got some outfit pics. Though my outfit was very casual Sunday. New Virtu top, navy maxi skirt from Target and BigW flip flops. My hair was crazy from being allowed to dry overnight. Here are some of the resulting pics.

Phew. A busy day full of great photos, great memories made with Hubby and a new profile pic or two for something pretty exciting and just a wee bit cool {that I’ll be able to announce end of the week, next week at the latest}. Danimezza took some of the images and made them fab. Thank goodness for talented friends, speaking of which, did you hear her photo was published in Italian Vogue?

Now tell me, what did you get up to this weekend?


  • Beck @ Rambling Mummy

    Lovely photos… What a gorgeous garden, so green!
    Its great to have friends to help with the editing side… I personally suck at that too 🙂
    Have a great week!

    • I used to have skills. Apparently they were related. Haha. I’m trying to wean myself off before they close in April.

      It’s gorgeous! And such a colourful place. I’ll take you for a visit when you move to QLD. 😉

  • You say crazy hair, but every pic I see of you with your hair down I just love it, I love your hair down its pretty with your cheek bones and eyes. Beautiful gardens and setting for pics.

    Our weekend started Friday with hubby having the day off so we had a lovely day celebrating Little V’s birthday. The rest of the weekend was family, friends, housework and getting outstanding things on the to do list done.

    Excited to hear what you’re going to be announcing.

    • Naaaw, you’re too kind. Thanks! But really, some day I’d kill for straight, manageable hair.

      Sounds like a great weekend, happy birthday to the littlest vow.

      I know, ME TOO.

  • Glad you like the edits and I might have to bribe hubby with brunch for some nice photos next weekend lol. Can’t wait to hear your news, exciting!

    • Yes, do! I miss your fashionable you posts. I feel like a wank prancing about for the camera on my own. 😛 Haha.

      Excited to announce too!

  • Amy

    The running & sugar is paying off- you are looking sensational!

    • Thanks Amy! I still feel huge, but I think that’s a function of week 5 bing a BIG run week and a broken brain.

  • Danielle

    love these shots!!

  • E.

    Gorgeous photos. You both look so happy. Just Beautiful.

    • Thanks E. It was a beautiful day. And yes, we’re very happy. 😀

  • loulou


    Lovely work – I had a one on one session lesson a fortnight ago and I need to get out there more.
    I did some today but hey, time – it’s such a thief of the things we want to do and not what we have to do 🙂

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog


    • Thanks Loulou. Ooooo, a one on one session. I’ve been thinking about booking one of those. Working my way through the manual instead. Oh yeah, time.

  • My Vintage Vow is right, your hair is lovely like that.
    All the photos are really great, I like the Virtu top.
    if you want to know what I did this weekend, you’ll have to visit my blog, it’s all there.

    • Thanks River. On all accounts. And I will pop right over and check it out.

  • I love your shiny baby hair & I love that last photo of you! Very gorgeous!

    • Errr, shiny baby hair? What? Haha. And thank you, very muchly.

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