During our trip north for Christmas we got caught in the tail end of the tropical depression that was cyclone something-or-other. I was driving when things turned a little nasty. Water gutters in the road were so deep the water was splashing higher than my car. At one point it was bucketing down so hard that it looked like we were in a car wash. With visibility to match. When the first opportunity arose I pulled over. Heart racing to wait it out. And not a moment too soon, not long after Hubby said it was done {for like the third time} it went mental. When it died off a bit, Hubby swapped me seats and he took over the driving.

Because he’s tougher.


  • stinkb0mb

    you know you sound NOTHING like i thought you would – not sure HOW i thought you would sound lol but not like you do! good news, can’t read the guy in front of you, number plate – the rain is too bad and visibility is crap!

    glad you made it up there safely! we pulled over earlier this year on the freeway because of a similar thing – virtually no visibility, plus hail and winds, could not even see the bonnet of the car!


    p.s. like the blue!

    • Danielle

      She does sound a bit weird 😛

      • stinkb0mb

        ahh now i never said weird!! LOL

        Danielle, i have to say YOU sounded nothing like i thought you would either LOL 😛 it’s a bit like when you see radio personalities for the first time and you match the face with the voice but NEITHER of you sound weird 😛

        • Haha. I said weird. And meant it.

          And yup, Dani sounded nothing like I expected her to either!

      • Oh ha ha. Must be the acoustics in the car or something. 😀

    • I sound weird to me too if that’s any consolation. Haha. And good news for old mate in the front. I was a bit worried about that. It looked a work vehicle not a personal one {orange light on top!}. So hoped that made it less bad if we COULD see.

      Loving the blue myself. Thanks hun.

  • Hayley

    Hehe you guys are too cute!! Glad you made it back safely and hope you had an amazing Christmas xx

    • Naaw, thanks. Yeah we made it safe and had a wonderful Christmas. Hope you did too!

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